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Introducing the new Dove Oxygen Moisture Range !

Hey All,

Breathe life into dry, dull hair – Introducing the new Dove Oxygen Moisture Range

June, 2nd, 2015:  Does your dry, dull hair often make you turn to heavy conditioning shampoos? While they take care of your dryness, these heavy conditioning shampoos could weigh your hair down and make it look lifeless. So how do you get out of this loop and achieve both volume and moisture at the same time? How do you achieve that lively bounce that you long to see in your hair? Dovehas just the solution! Introducing the new Dove Oxygen Moisture range, which comes with an advanced solution that gives your hair the balance of moisture and volume. This new range with innovative Oxyfusion Technology can put an end to your daily dilemma, leaving you with hair that is beautifully nourished*, smoother# and looks 95% thicker^

Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo is a transparent, lightweight formula comprising of oxyfused moisture ingredients that instantly disperse on the hair. This formula helps to gently cleanse and nourish hair, leaving it beautifully bouncy, and full of natural volume.

Enriched with the Oxyfusion technology, the Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner delicately moisturizes dry and dull hair, restores smoothness and leaves hair looking thicker^.

Speaking about dry and dull hair problems, Dr. Punit Saraogi, Clinical Dermatologist & Trichologist, said,“Just like changing weather, it is impossible to have hair that feels or looks the same every day. People with dry hair usually opt for moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, however due to various factors including pollution they find their hair becoming greasy and losing out on natural volume. To treat dullness and combat dryness, there is a need for a well-balanced formula that nourishes your hair and adds the right amount of moisture, without weighing it down.”


With the new Dove Oxygen Moisture, you no longer need to choose between well moisturized hair and natural volume. Oxyfusion technology for Dove promises you both!  So leave your hair worries aside, and breathe life into dry, dull hair.

*Based on lab test

# Based on lab test on Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo & conditioner vs. non conditioning shampoo​

^Based on lab test on Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo & conditioner vs. uncleansed hair​


Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo

Directions to use:

  1. Apply shampoo through wet hair. Lather and rinse thoroughly.
  2. For beautifully smooth and bouncy hair follow it up with New Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner

Available in:

Price Quantity
83 80 ml
176 180 ml
292 340 ml

Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner

Directions to use:

  1. After shampooing, apply along the lengths of wet hair, focusing on ends.
  2. Keep for 1-3 minutes and rinse off thoroughly.
  3. Use conditioner every time you shampoo for beautiful, smoother* hair

Available in: 

Price Quantity
91 80 ml
194 180 ml


** Press Release