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Mountain Herbs

Mountain Herbs – For A Toxin-Free Living !! 

Hello All,


Mountain Herbs is an organic brand based in Bangalore, Karnataka.  There are so many “organic” and “natural” brands out there but only a few are trustable and worth repurchasing. One such brand that I came across is Mountain Herbs India. The company was started by Regi Abraham and they believe words like ‘Fresh’ and ‘Organic’ have an honest meaning beyond marketing. Mountain Herbs manufacture effective products from pure herbal extracts.


 Mountain Herbs

None of their range of herbal products is tested on animals. Each product is crafted in small batches to guarantee quality. Mountain Herbs products contain no harsh ingredients and no chemical preservatives.


 Mountain Herbs

Freshness, quality, use of the finest essential ingredients with medicinal values and gentle processing makes them stand out as a unique brand. They currently sell six products and they will be adding more products to the line soon.


Mountain Herbs Natural Body Wash – Priced at Rs.240 for 300 ml

 Mountain Herbs

The body wash is very refreshing and softens your skin with its hydrating properties of five super-charged skin oils – coconut oil, rice bran oil, palm oil, castor oil and essential oils. It also contains extracts of Aloe Vera, Tulsi, and Hibiscus. It effectively treats blemishes, acne, dry skin and other fungal skin conditions.


Mountain Herbs Natural Hand Wash – Priced at Rs.200 for 250 ml

 Mountain Herbs  Mountain Herbs

This hand wash has a fresh citrus fragrance to it.  It contains anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil. It is deeply moisturizing due to the presence of natural oils. This toxin-free product is effective for cleansing as well as gentle and safe on skin.


Mountain Herbs Natural Dish Washing Liquid – Priced at Rs.190 for 300 ml

 Mountain Herbs

This dishwashing liquid cleans out the dishes and leaves your hands moisturized. It contains anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil and castor oil. Unlike other petroleum-based dishwashing liquids, this toxin free dish washing liquid is completely safe to use. It removes grease and doesn’t leave any residue.


Mountain Herbs Natural Handmade Soaps – 6 soaps of 90 grams each priced at Rs.390 

  Mountain Herbs  Mountain Herbs

Mountain Herbs natural soap contains the goodness of 20 different herbs such as Aloe Vera, Rose, Neem, Soap nut, Turmeric, Tulsi, Gooseberries, Hibiscus, Castor oil, Palm oil, Rice bran oil and Coconut oil in its main ingredients. This natural soap is soft, nourishing on the skin, good for cleansing and its glycerin prevents skin dryness and irritation. Mountain Herbs handmade soaps are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. No more itching !!


Mountain Herbs Natural Shampoo – Priced at Rs.240 for 250 ml

  Mountain Herbs   Mountain Herbs

Mountain Herbs all-natural shampoo will leave hair healthy and moisturized. It contains ingredients like plant-based oils, curry leaf, hibiscus, and rose. The all natural shampoo promotes hair growth, fight dandruff and leaves a clean healthy scalp. Natural conditioners like amla and aloe vera are present in this shampoo. The shampoo leaves hair gently fragranced with pure essential oils.  The shampoo is free from chemicals like SLS, SLES, PEG, Dimethicone, and Parabens.


Mountain Herbs Natural Laundry Wash – Priced at Rs.170 for 300 ml

 Mountain Herbs Mountain Herbs

Mountain Herbs All Natural Laundry Liquid Detergent is gentle and does not contain harmful allergy causing phosphates and chlorine. This toxin-free product is safe for clothes, for health, and for the environment.


MountainHerbs.in offers Free Shipping on Orders above Rs.500/- by India Post Registered Parcel.


Keep toxic beauty and body care products out of your home. Get Ready to start living a clean and toxin-free lifestyle.



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