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Winter Ready Hair with Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo + Conditioner !!

Hi All,

Its already winter and many of us will be facing dry skin and dry hair problems.I am no exception.Recently I went on a short trip a near by hill station,Ooty.The cold weather during winters make it really difficult for us.I use some special skin care and hair care products for winters and actually fall for the ” hydration claim”.

I was recently sent this Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky range to try out during the winter trip.If you are eager to know whether it makes your hair really winter ready then please go on reading this post.


  • Frizz control for smooth hair all day
  • Restores a silky smooth look to dry, frizzy hair

Our Smooth & Silky smoothing hair products act as moisture-rich pick-me-ups that start at the scalp to smooth each strand to calm from dryness and frizz. The rich, indulgently smoothing shampoo leaves hair silky smooth and up to 100% flake-free.* Meanwhile, the conditioner helps to lock in moisture while decreasing frizz and split ends.

Pamper your locks with this Smooth and Silky Shampoo from Head and Shoulders. Suitable for men and women to tame their locks in a unique way. The Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo will treat damage hair and make it look healthy. You need not worry if this Smooth and Silky Shampoo suits your hair, as it suits all hair types. Also, the active ingredients will help in solving your dandruff problems and leave your scalp clean. Besides moisturizing your scalp, this shampoo will sweep away visible flakes and residues. Additionally, this Shampoo has a hydrazinc formulation to control the dandruff on your hair. With the pH balanced formulation, you can ensure your hair to look healthy and replenish moisture balance. After all the stress and pollution your hair goes through, you can wash your hair with this Head and Shoulders Shampoo and enjoy clean hair.

Directions for Use:

  • Take an adequate amount of this shampoo onto your palm.
  • Massage gently on wet hair and lather it.
  • Rinse off.


Rs 145 for 170 ml – Shampoo

Rs 139 for 170 ml – Conditioner

INGREDIENTS:  As given in the pics.



The Product (Shampoo and Conditioner) comes in a white bottle with a blue cap and fonts with a hint of blue and pink,the classic H & S packaging.It comes with a flip cap which makes it easy to use.The conditioner bottle like most of the conditioner stands only inverted.

The product is milky white in colour.The shampoo is of right consistency.Not so thick and not runny too.The conditioner is a bit thick.The texture is like the regular shampoos and conditioners.Well I am not able to term it exactly but I guess you can understand.
To be frank,I had heard terrible things about Head and Shoulders.I have heard a few good things too about it.But the terrible things actually scared me and I had never tried their other line of products before.I had a presumption in mind without trying it.After using this range,I must admit that even tough there is nothing great,it was not a disappointment either.

I used and tested this product in 5 washes.In my first wash,I used only the shampoo and It made my hair squeaky clean but it dried out my hair.In my second wash I tried using only the conditioner and It made my hair greasy.In my 3rd wash I used excess shampoo and conditioner which again made my hair dry.In my 4th wash I tried using H&S shampoo with a different brand conditioner and vice versa.That didn’t work out either and the results weren’t great too.I was so disappointed.Then when I was browsing through the net for hair care I read somewhere that using the same shampoo and conditioner with similar formula gives better results.In my 5th wash I finally managed to use the right amount of H&S shampoo and followed up with the right amount of H&S Conditioner and towel dried my hair in natural air as blow drying makes my hair more dry.This time the results were good.
I have oily scalp and dry ends.My hair tends to become too dry and my scalp remains sticky,oily,greasy,dirty and has dandruff too.I dont have the flaky dandruff but the sticky type.Since I have sticky dandruff it is very difficult to remove it.Also the skin in scalp flakes out if the weather is very cold.I have scalp problems.To worsen the situation comes the winter itch.My scalp is very itchy during the winters.
I have tried so many shampoos but when it comes to dandruff and scalp problems I find H & S the best.This Head & Shoulder range made my hair squeaky clean.No traces of dirt and it removes dandruff in one wash although it might come back.You have to continue using it until you see long term results.It really cures the itchy scalp and gives you a fresh feeling.I love the citrus smell.Its amazing.My hair felt clean without being over stripped.
This made my hair look more voluminous and smooth.But I feel the softening effect could have been better coz my hair was still dry and frizz prone. ( Not because of the shampoo but my hair type is so dry ends,unruly and frizzy).The conditioner helps to reverse the drying effect of the shampoo.
Overall a decent anti dandruff shampoo available in the Indian market.


  • Its easily available as it is H & S
  • Little goes a long way and the product is long lasting as a small amount is only required per use.
  • Not so expensive for the quantity you get.
  • True to its claims-Cures itch,scalp problems,dandruff etc
  • Hair feels light and not stripped off.
  • Good packaging.Convenient one.
  • Contains Zinc Pyrithione which reduces recurrence of Dandruff

  • It does make your hair smooth but I feel the hydrating/softening effect could have been better.
  • Presence of chemicals
  • If you dont use the right amount of product,your hair will feel greasy or too dry.
RECOMMENDATION: I will not recommend this only for the smooth or silky hair.I recommend this if you have scalp problems,winter itch and dandruff problems.It acts as 2 in 1 since it cures the scalp issues without making your hair dry and stripped off of essential oils. Thats the whole idea behind this smooth and silky range.Don’t mistake it for a feather touch velvetty smooth hair.


Yeeeeeeeeek…The sticky Dandruff I had before washing my hair.I am about to faint.

Hair Felt refreshed and squeaky clean with no traces of dirt.


WILL I REPURCHASE? Yes.I always have scalp problems and I definitely need one in my hair care routine atleast for one use per week.My hair needs chemicals to get rid of the dirt and sticky particles in my hair due to travelling.But I do not use it everyday.I use it once a week and it makes my scalp problem free.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I know there are many people for whom this actually didn’t worked.Yet I know people who consider this as a life saviour too.Guys with itchy dandruff scalp will understand what I mean.There is nothing miraculous.Its definitely a good shampoo for cleaning your hair.Its worth it and good for winter use.The smell lingers around and I like it.

You can buy this product and check out more details here : http://www.rewardme.in/tag/h-s

Disclaimer : Product sent by the brand for review purpose.My review is based on my real experience.You can see the before and after pics.I swear its true and the products are 100% tried and tested by me.I never give any false opinion.Everyone’s hair texture is different and it may react accordingly.

I love it when the products reaches you gift wrapped.Thanks to H & S team for sending me this special winter care hamper.

Do you have itchy scalp.Whats your HG shampoo for dandruff free hair.

Until next time,