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24x7Fresh app

24x7Fresh, an app based grocery platform!

Hey Everyone,

Online grocery shopping is becoming increasingly popular these days due to our busy routine and especially in India there is lot of space in the market to fit some new start-ups in this category. There are only a few major players like Big Basket, Local Banya, Amazon’s Kirana Now, PepperTap, Grofers, Tata Group’s My24x7Market and ZopNow. Today, more and more online stores retailing groceries, fruits and provisional items are coming up online. Shopping groceries online has been for long but limited selection, high cost and inconvenient delivery timing kept it restricted to mostly urban areas.

Owing to growing competition and hectic tight packed day to day lifestyle, online groceries are starting to make sense and they can save you a lot of time.  Online grocery shopping gives the best bang for your buck with lot of stores opening up every day.

The latest start-up in the E-grocery market is 24x7Fresh which is an app based online grocery store. 24x7Fresh is founded by Randhir Kumar. The 24x7Fresh is likely to be launched in Bangalore first followed by various cities across India. The company will have a reach of more than 30 cities within 12 months and might include top cities like Chennai, Mumbai and Pune. The 24x7Fresh will cater to a wide line of products like Vegetables, Fruits, Staples, Beverages, Detergents and Soaps, Baby Care, Health & Beauty, School & Office Supplies, grocery, ready-to-eat snacks, cosmetics, meat etc.

The company is currently working to hire around 1500 executives in different departments like technology, marketing, logistics and customer support. The company is planning to house an inventory of nearly 15,000 products across categories like fresh veggies, fruits, dry fruits, meat, frozen foods, everyday grocery, daily essentials, world food, baby care, health and beauty products. Not just this, the Company is going to offer 1 hour delivery service which is very rapid.

24x7Fresh app

24x7Fresh aims to assist consumers save on their budgets. It lets you enjoy shopping by introducing ‘Adaptive Technology ‘and ‘Hybrid Retail System’.  This platform will address your need for quick, fresh and high-quality farm produce, groceries and daily essentials in the near future. What makes 24x7Fresh unique is their technology driven innovative approach which will bring a quick, convenient, cost-effective distribution of produce from farm to doorstep. The brand has constructed their own softwares and systems. This approach is sure to reduce logistical issues and errors.

Their mobile app will be available on both iOS and android platform, so that you can access it via any smartphone irrespective of the model. The preferences of every individual may differ and hence they have included a feature in the app to identify other family members’ orders under a single bill. The company focuses on advanced measures like GPS enabled transportation optimization systems, MRP2, JIT, demand forecasting and real time procurement lead calculation and predictive Big Data analytics on vehicles path and traffic to cut down various costs.

 Their data warehouse will work closely to model, find patterns and establish rare relationships between otherwise unrelated click-stream to ensure that only right products are showcased to the customers at the right place and time in the right way. The app will provide a smart, reliable and social ecommerce platform to the consumers without firing too many questions before them via complex machine learning algorithms that produce desirable result

I am happy to note at least one app-powered e-grocery start-up which promises to deliver any groceries you want.

Going to the grocery store is a major time constraint. When you up add traffic and queues at the counter, a visit to the supermarket can easily take an hour or two out of your day. You can’t skip it too as food is our basic need. we all want to eat, right? If you’re pressed for time, checkout 24x7Fresh app to browse and place your orders.  Sit back, relax and enjoy with your family or spend a few minutes for yourself while 24x7Fresh delivers the goods to your place. All you need to do is to open the app in your phone, fill up the virtual grocery cart with your favourite items, pay with your credit/debit card or cash on delivery, and voila! You are almost done.

24x7Fresh e-commerce app will soon go live. The app will offer unique options that will be launched for the first time in the country. CEO Kumar, an IIT engineer is also the Co-Founder of Mangoesfresh.com, a web-based portal for retail of mangoes. 24x7Fresh  will pass on many benefits to their customers. The unique features will help them to remain competitive in longer run and attract more customers.

The retail segment might witness a boom of  Rs 3,000 crore-4000 crore market by 2017. I am sure 24x7Fresh is going to be the next big thing on the retail or eCommerce segment.  They are about to pioneer a technological revolution. Have you ever used any e-grocery service? Will you recommend it to others?