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Hi beauties out there,
Confused on seeing the caption of this article? Hey; you just read it right.
Chocolate skin care? Why not? What say gals…yay or nay!
 In this article I am gonna discuss about how to include chocolate to our skin care routine.
If you fancy learning new diy recipes then this article is for you.
Do you know that chocolate is good for skin? Well. Chocolate doesn’t just taste yum; it’s excellent for the skin too. Read on to know more.
I am a chocoholic and I am always behind finding excuses to eat chocolates. I have got a craving for chocolates and want to satisfy my sweet tooth. Since I am crazy for them; I keep them in stock in my freezer.
Last month my aunt who is having an Ayurveda skin clinic at Trivandrum visited my home. She was talking about the skin care. She told that we should not put anything on our skin that we don’t even dare to put on our mouth or taste it.I have been hearing what she was telling and that time I realised how much harsh nasty chemicals  are present in the skin and hair care products being offered in the market.
When a bunch of cosmetics and products overloaded with parabens and chemicals that causes skin damage began overtaking my dressing table, I decided to throw them away and switch to natural treatments which won’t do any harm to the skin.
Chocolate is a super star when it comes to many beauty products and treatments.
What chocolates contain:
  • ·         anti-oxidants
  • ·         vitamins like A B D and E
  • ·         nutrients like magnesium, sulphur and calcium
  • ·         flavonoids
  • ·         Zinc, manganese and copper
  • ·         cocoa butter
  • ·         phenylethamine
  • ·         arginine

What do these ingredients offer to the skin?
  • ·         moisturise
  • ·         hydrate
  • ·         de-stress
  • ·         tissue regeneration
  • ·         collagen growth
  • ·         uv protection
  • ·         fights ageing
  • ·         blood circulation

After reading this you will be wondering whether a single piece of chocolate offer you these many benefits. Yes believe me it’s proven by research that the chocolates offer about more than 500 benefits in total. Being an aphrodisiac it even increases our feelings and happiness 10 times.
Many of us know chocolates only as a junk food which causes over weight and pimple break out issues. From this many of you might have come to a conclusion that it is bad for health.
As far as I am concerned it is just a myth forwarded from one generation to the other.
Note that we have to use purest form of dark chocolates and not the ones from the market which is packed with a punch of sugar and fats. The ones from the market offer no advantages.
We can call chocolate as soul and skin food in a single statement because it soothes, smoothens and nurtures the skin.
Are you eager to experience chocolate skin care but do not know where to get started?
So, without further delay let me share with you some of my scrumptious chocolaty findings that I have experimented so far in my day to day life. READ MY POST SKIN CARE USING CHOCOLATE-PART 2 FOR SOME WONDERFUL DIY RECIPES

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