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Helping Your Skin Stay Healthy with Dermaroller !!


If your skin is starting to look like it has seen better days, it might be time to correct some of that damage with a clinical treatment, such as Dermaroller. Dermaroller treatments are capable of reversing a lot of skin damage and correcting several types of skin imperfections. To understand how, it is necessary to understand what gives skin its strength and its healthy appearance.

Things That Control Skin Health

There are a couple of things that control skin health. The first is your body’s natural hormone levels. For example, Human Growth Hormone is made in abundance when we are younger, but as we age our bodies produce less of it. Similarly, our levels of collagen and other components of healthy cells drop off. That’s when we start to see wrinkles and other signs of aging.

 Our lifestyles can also contribute to the health of our skin, or lack thereof, when we get older. Anything from eating too many unhealthy snacks to getting too many UV rays from tanning or going to the beach can make your skin suffer. So can becoming dehydrated, smoking cigarettes, or exposing your skin to a lot of chemical-filled personal care products.

That being said, natural moisturizers and other products can be very helpful when you’re creating a daily skincare routine. If you care for your skin on a daily basis with cleansers and hydrating serums, you might be able to postpone Dermaroller or aesthetic laser treatments, but eventually you might still find yourself in need of clinical intervention.

How a Dermaroller Triggers Skin Repairs

A Dermaroller is a hand-held tool, which is sometimes also known as a micro-needling tool. The device  contains a number of small needles. When it is rolled over the skin, the needles cause damage to the cells that they poke. You might think that damaging your skin on purpose is counterproductive, but it’s actually quite helpful. It can make your body produce more collagen and “repair” components. Though the repairs will take a little time, the end result is that your skin should look stronger and healthier.

There Are Different Types of Dermaroller Tools

Before you sign up for a Dermaroller treatment in a clinic, you should know that there are different types of tools to get the job done. They all work in the same basic way, but there are some slight differences between them. For example, some have smaller needles than others. The smaller needles are meant to mostly affect the skin’s outer layer. Larger needles do a better job of treating deeper skin problems.

Micro-Needling with At-Home Kits

Image Source - www.eternesseclinic.com

Image Source – www.eternesseclinic.com

Another thing to consider about micro-needling is the fact that at-home kits do exist. They can be quite inexpensive, but they aren’t without their risks. You would be better off to undergo the procedure under the supervision of a trained professional. Your dermatologist or clinic technician can walk you through the entire process, including aftercare instructions. Whereas, if you were to treat yourself at home, you might run a higher risk of infection.