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Skincare Tips for Men !!

Hi Guys,
Skincare and beauty is only for women is a myth. Skincare is equally important for men.Most of the men believe in this myth and never pay attention to their skin.
I agree that beauty is related to our genes but at the same time one cant deny that lifestyle habits,nutrition and what you use on skin matters a lot.
By this I am not coming to say that you must spend hours before the mirror or apply tons of makeup. It will be good if you follow a regular maintenance routine to take care of the skin. Not taking care of your skin is a sin 😛
Skincare is more than your Old Spice Cream, Disposable Razor,Soap Bar, Axe Perfume and Talcum Powder.
The first step in skincare is identifying your skin type. Analyse whether you have a oily,dry,combination,sensitive or sun impaired skin and choose your products according to the skin type.

You need to deep cleanse your skin to get rid of the dirt,oil,grime and even bacteria that clogs your pores and causes allergies. Cleansing is important to overcome the harsh effects of pollution.If you dont have time, atleast make sure you wash your face every morning and evening. You can use wet wipes to remove excess oil and sweat in between.
Skip ordinary soaps as they are harsh,dehydrating and consists of damaging chemicals. I have read in the book “beauty” that soaps are meant to touch skin which is below neck only which means they are not meant for face.
Do this once a week to get rid of the dead cells.Exfoliation reveals new cells and improves blood circulation. Your skin becomes smooth on exfoliation. Invest in a good scrub.
This doesn’t meant that you need to buy expensive serums or lotions and test it. Use a light moisturizing cream that hydrates the skin and doesn’t feel heavy. It helps to lock or seal in the moisture and this step reduces wrinkles.
UV Rays from the sun can damage skin. SPF 15 is good to begin with but use SPF 30 if you are staying out for a longer time to prevent tanning of skin.
Hair growth in men is normal but use a good razor, shaving gel or cream and an after shave lotion. Use alchohol and paraben free products that gives you a close shave.
Girls have many options like Lipsticks, Lipglosses etc but you have just one option – Lip Balm. Dont walk around with dry lips. Apply and reapply a good non tinted lip-balm often.
Last but not the least, dont use too much products as it can irritate your skin.
Garnier Men Products can cater your needs. You can check out their range of products !!
Skincare is a habit and it begins with you. Incorporate these tips and you will feel the difference yourself.
If you are wondering what this post is doing in a girly blog , Well Girls can educate your guys about this !! Ain’t giving advice about beauty girly too 😀
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