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Best skin care routine for college-going students!!

College life is always exciting and involves a fast-paced life where priorities can turn upside down without prior notice. Every college going student has to deal with the pressures of assignment submission dates and exams. These activities tend to increase their stress levels which is a common reason for getting skin problems. Most students stop taking care of their skin when they are stressed which worsens their skin problems. In order to clear away all the skin problems and get glowing, healthy skin, it is essential to follow skin care routines and incorporate them in the daily life. These are a few quick and easy skin care routines that can help college students to look fresh even when they are stressed.

Drink loads of water

Water is an important component of the human body. It hydrates the whole body and improves skin cell development that signifies a healthy skin. The best solution to consume high amounts of water is to keep a refillable water bottle nearby and take quick sips during lectures throughout the day.

Give a fresh start to the face

Washing the face creates a smooth canvas for applying moisturisers so that the moisturiser seeps into the skin making it look soft. Also, clean the makeup off the face before going to bed. Makeup tends to settle into the skin and creates areas for bacteria to cause skin problems. When one is in a hurry, they can use facial wipes that prove to be a quick and convenient way to remove makeup.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol and cigarettes are known to make the skin dry and age faster. So, it is advised that you quit smoking and drinking. Also, avoid places with second-hand smoke.

Avoid eating pizza and opt for salads

Even though eating a pizza, fatty foods and chocolate may not cause acne directly, having them every day is not good for healthy skin and also healthy body. It is observed that college going students tend to binge on unhealthy foods during their late night parties with friends. So, instead of completely stopping consumption of these foods, have them sometimes and include healthy fruits and vegetables in the regular diet.

Use sunscreen, it’s not optional

Skin protection from the harmful sun’s rays is very important. So, it is essential to apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. During the winter season, opt for a moisturiser with SPF to protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays.

Clean the mobile phone

It is found that cell phone is a breeding area for bacteria that increase when it is repeatedly held up against the skin especially for long periods. This bacteria tends to spread all over the face leading to breakouts. To avoid this, wipe the mobile phone every day and reduce the chances of getting blemishes. It would be better to use an ear piece so as to avoid direct contact between the cell phone and the skin.

It is preferable to take proper cautions when taking care of the skin rather than increasing the risk of getting skin problems. A unique idea would be to keep a stock of essential things for keeping the face clean at all times. Some of these include face cleanser, toner, day and night moisturiser, acne spot treatment, body wash and skin lotion. It is always better to keep minimal things in one’s carry bag for cleansing, toning and moisturising the face and body.


This blog is about the different routines that need to be followed to keep the skin healthy. These tips are exclusively for college going students who encounter skin problems.

Amelia Smith

Nutritionist, herbalist, health and medicine writer and yoga enthusiast, Amelia Smith, is a professional in the health, nutrition and diet industry.

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