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Airtel 4G


Hey All,

Are you a smartphone user? Do you own a handset that supports 4G ?

Being an existing Airtel 3G user, I was beyond excited to know that Airtel has launched its 4G services in India a couple of days back. There is a high hope among the customers and a lot of hype surrounds the Airtel 4G launch.

Airtel 4G SIM is just a tweet away. If you have a 4G compatible mobile at the moment, then you can now get your  #Airtel4G SIM door delivered to your home absolutely free of cost.

For Airtel users with 4G phones, Airtel offers a unique 4G SIM delivery service, wherein you can avail  Exclusive FREE 4G SIM HOME DELIVERY.  All you need to do is just send a tweet using #GetAirtel4G and Airtel will do the rest to deliver the sim. Once you tweet using #GetAirtel4G hashtag, you will get a reply from @AirtelIndia handle directing you to a link where you can enter the details for SIM delivery. It is a WOW offer indeed.

I tweeted to Airtel using #GetAirtel4G and filled in the details once they replied. I just got my new 4G SIM at my place in 4 hrs. I am extremely happy that Airtel has delivered what they promised without any additional or hidden charges.

Airtel 4G

For me the entire process was easy and simple to follow. Everything happened within few hours. The installation was also quick.

I travel everyday to work. I checked the signal and speed at different locations. I was satisfied with the output given by Airtel 4G. There are no major issues with the network. It is working well in almost all locations. I had an awesome 4G experience on my OnePlusOne using Airtel 4G. The downtime is really negligible and I got a speed range upto 25 mbps which is super fast.

For those who are unaware of 4G, 4G LTE  is Fourth generation Long term evolution GSM network technology which is successor to 3G mobile service. It is more advanced and gives upto 5x speed when compared to 3G.

Airtel already provides the best 3G network coverage and speeds across India. With the roll out of Airtel 4G, the experience has turned more interesting. What surprised me is the fact that Airtel 4G services can be availed at 3G prices. All the devices with 4G can now get 4G data at same price as 3G.

It was too hard for me to believe until I saw the Airtel 4G challenge. If anyone is able to prove that some other network is faster than Airtel 4G, Airtwl will pay our mobile bills for life. It would be cool if I could win but I know its impossible.

I am happy with Airtel 4G because the  downloads are really fast and videos buffer very quickly too.

Get a free upgradation and a chance to try Airtel 4G LTE services if you own a 4G supported handset and enjoy 4G at 3G prices.  The data consumption will be high so we need to make sure that we opt for a higher plan Its time to dumb the old 3G Sim and switch over to 4G.

Visit www.airtel.in/4g for more details.