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Airtel 4G

Experience the electrifying speeds of #Airtel4G !

Hi All,

When you are using the internet, the first thing that anyone will crave for is the high speed and quality service provider.  Airtel rolled out its 4G services across 296 cities in India. With the launch of 4G by Airtel, it has become the first telecom operator to introduce the next-generation mobile Internet technology in most parts of our  country. Gone are the days when you had to wait overnight for movie downloads and hours for buffering low resolution video streams.  Airtel is offering 4G at 3G prices.To opt for #Airtel4G, customers have to switch to a 4G SIM. Getting an Airtel 4G SIM is just a tweet away. Tweet using the hashtag #GetAirtel4G from your twitter profile for free home deliverey of 4G SIM.

One of my friend just upgraded to a 4G connection and she says the speed is unbelievable. I bet I cant wait to try Airtel 4G.  I tested with her connection and the speed was consistent.

I am sure getting a high speed internet connection will make a drastic change in day to day routine activities. For example, I can stay connected with my loved ones be it family, friends or colleagues 24×7. I can  download many HD videos simultaneously. I can download software updates or firmware updates within seconds. I can stream a movie very easily without being struck at a point. I can blog on the go using my mobile. Having this high speed connection, I can do a lot of work. I can upload and download large files. It comes handy even for gaming.

It becomes even better for work home related job roles. Airtel 4G is a boon for all of us. We can do great things at an amazing speed. All it takes is a click and you have the least waiting period. Airtel says with 3G you get upto 7.2 Mbps of speed whereas with 4G you get 5X speed when compared to it. I have an Airtel showroom next to my office and when I visited their office for a demo, the speed was 25 Mbps. They showed a demo by streaming videos and downloading some HD trailers from Youtube. Usually, that would’ve taken me over five hours to get on my dial-up. With 4G I was sitting there, waiting for a download that had already finished within few minutes.

There is more than fast web access with a high-speed Airtel 4G internet connection. I no longer get slow page loads.I can browse online courses and study materials. As an internet savvy I spend most of my time online on the internet so I really love Airtel 4G with which I have great connection speed. Airtel is undoubtedly the best 4G LTE network in India for all your smart devices and needs. Airtel 4G is for you. Enjoy 4G speed with your 4G data.

As of now, Airtel’s 4G  seems to be best suited to the emerging needs of new media. Airtel throws a challenge for all of us – If our network is faster, they will pay our mobile bills for life. Cant believe, why dont you experience yourself.

More details here – http://www.airtel.in/4g/