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Bauli Spy Rolls – an Irresistible Snack !!

Hello All,

Bauli brings the essence of Italian Bakery to India. They offer packaged sweet & soft baked goods in India. They had earlier launched Bauli Moonfills which is puff roll. Their new launch is Bauli Spy Rolls. These on the go snacks gives you an unforgettable cake cum chocolate experience.

What Bauli Says about its Spy Rolls – “A soft cake made from two different sponges, rolled around a tempting Choco cream and is covered with delicious Chocolate base. You’ll be in for a spin with its spirals and luscious chocolate base! “

Net Weight: 37g
Price – Rs 15 each

My Views on Bauli Spy Rolls:

– Soft and Delicious
– Taste is even more good when refrigerated
-Kids will definitely love it.
– It is like a swiss roll with a debut of choco base and tempting choco cream
– Please note that it contains Egg

– The crust is smooth and quality is maintained.
– The flavor is slightly artificial
– The cake roll could have been packed inside a cardboard box.
– The cake was not so moist and a bit dry but I really liked the Choco filling

Unboxing Bauli Spy Rolls :

I received a wooden box with 4 Spy Rolls, Badges and a mug from Bauli.

Thank you Bauli for the hamper.

Check out https://www.bauli.in/en for more information.