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The Untold Story on Wind Energy !!

Hey All,

We all would have studied in Science that winds are caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the Sun when Air in constant motion gets affected by changes in temperature and pressure. This wind flow can produce useful forms of energy when it comes in contact with a turbine. The kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy.

Wind energy offers many advantages. There is no pollution associated with Wind energy and it has zero contribution to global warming.  Unlike Fossil Fuels that take years for formation, wind power is a free and renewable source of energy.

Wind Energy is not talked about much especially in India due to several persistent myths surrounding it. These myths needs to be busted.

Recently, press has been full of stories implying that our Government aims to add more monetary incentives and additional  10,000 MW per year to accelerate the wind energy sector. I have heard people blaming Wind Energy for the nations money shedding measures.  What they will not tell you is how wind power capacity addition saves our country from large expenses and dependence on others because India does not have to import in expensive reserves of power. Also they do not speak about substantial contribution of wind power to effective increased share of environment friendly energy resources.

We often hear people repeating over and over again that the wind doesn’t blow very strongly all the time. But we dont hear about unexpected power cuts or failures, growing high demand and unavailability of alternate power options. A low wind power production is much better than frequent electric power break downs. Isn’t it?

I am sure we have heard these lines many a times – “Wind Farms will create massive unemployment in other sectors”. No one ever said Wind Farms will create many new employment opportunities.

Another myth that I have come across is wind turbines are harmful to birds.  I agree birds do collide with turbines but not frequently. Many birds deaths are associated with oil spills and fuel emissions. Wind power is not a threat to them.

Other common myths on wind power include:

  • Wind power will negatively impact tourism
  • Wind power will reduce the property value of houses/plots adjacent to it
  • Wind farms will destroy the scenic beauty of nature in a place
  • Wind turbines are noisy and ugly
  • Hundreds of turbines are required for a stable minimal wind power production

These are just nonfactual thoughts of things that dont stand up as reality. They are simply promoted by some anti groups.

Our aim should be optimal use of wind energy resources that will help to diversify our country’s energy portfolio. Its high time we realize that wind power also contributes to the revenue and growth.

Think of how much electricity we will be  saving through the equivalent steady capacity of wind power.  Imagine a world where energy is clean, safe and free of fuel accidents, pollution and waste.  Start a #GreenEnergy revolution today. Lets make energy available to all.

Windergy India, launched by Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA) is the voice of the Indian Wind Energy Industry.

With Windergy, their mission is to raise awareness about the benefits of wind energy in order to reduce the adverse effects of global warming and climate change caused by other energy resources. Windergy India aims to produce variety of information tools and enhance social acceptance of wind energy by dispelling myths about wind energy.

You can also follow Windergy India on Twitter or Youtube for the latest updates.