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Sploosh Design

Mystery box by Sploosh Design.!

Hello All,

There will always be time, which we think that we require something which is better and unique than the usual kinds of stuff, I’ m that kind of girl who always thinks of having a set of unique things for my personal as well official use.

Chances of getting those things which tally your taste are less than 30%. It’s purely based on how much you need that, where do search that for. Most of us have certain interests and tastes and due to the lack of the above said we often leave that feeling of collecting some good stuff, even though we are capable of purchasing it.

This is for those we would love to purchase some good quality and unique stuff which gives you immense satisfaction of Shopping. Sploosh Designs, a story of an Indian Girl who loves designing and creating some extraordinary pieces of goodies for the ones who will fall for some master artwork designs.

Let me show you some super cool items which I had collected from Sploosh Designs.

Game of Thrones Tribute Collectible Notebook

Who else doesn’t like this American fantasy drama TV series David Benioff and Weiss. It has got many awards and recognition for the best TV series. This note is a tribute to Games of Thrones, and like other notebooks, it has a hardcover, A6 in size. I have an elastic band and a rubber bookmark. It’s perfect to use as a Travel diary, and in fact, I choose to use it as my travel diary to make note of some wonderful memories. It has 100 dotted pages and they use 80GSM quality paper.

Wakanda Inspired Passport Holder

Wakanda Forever! Another tribute to this fictional country, where the Black Panther lives to protect Vibranium. It’s an awesome passport holder, with a symbol of Black Panther and written as Wakanda Passport. It’s so cool to show off our passport, and I love that. It’s a unisex holder which comes with 4 card slots and the main slot for your passport. They use a good quality golden screen printing and assure us a crack or fade free passport Holder.

Game of Thrones Inspired Collectible Potion Mini Sanitizer Set

Again another inspiration from GOT, a set of 3 30ml Hand sanitizers. “A set of powerful potions and elixirs from the world of Game of Thrones claimed to be the best in King’s Landing, in hand sanitizer form”. They had named the sanitizers as Wildfire, Shade of the Evening, Widow’s Blood, Sweet Sleep, and Tears of Lys. Such cool names. Its pocket-friendly and you can take it while you travel.

Tree of Gondor handmade metallic bookmark

This for those book lovers to enhance your reading with this Metallic bookmark. Being a book lover now I had thrown my usual bookmarks and plugged this to my mini library.

All these were packed in a gift box and I was curious to open these and found these funky items. There was also a  custom ticket from London to Hogwarts – Platform # 9 ¾ and small greeting card.

They have much more items to pick up according to your taste I would definitely suggest visiting their site here for some awesome collection of super cool items.

Much Thanks Radha, the founder, and her Designer Team, for your mind-blowing designs.