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Candy Japan Subscription Box Review !

PR Sample

I am crazy about Japanese snacks and you might be aware of the Japanese Snacks Subscription Boxes that I featured in my blog here. Here is a new addition to the list – Candy Japan. While most of the Japanese treats turned out to be awesome, a quite few were weird. You taste something out of curiosity seeing the cute packaging and appearance thinking it is apple or strawberry flavored and you realize later it is a terrible fish food. It happened to me once but thank god I just opened the cover and smelled it and didn’t give a bite. You need to be aware of what you are sinking your teeth into mainly because we are not familiar with the Japanese or Korean language.
Candy Japan sends you Mystery sweets from Japan for $25 / month. They ship internationally free of cost including India. For $25 you get 2 of these boxes a month (Part I & Part II) with shipping already included. The payment goes automatically each month via your PayPal account or card until you request them to stop it.The process of ordering is very easy. I am going to review Part II October Box today. The best part about Candy Japan is that they send you a brief email about the snacks and their description once they have sent out your parcels.

The Shipping took around two weeks and I got my parcel in 25 days. A month is reasonable considering the fact it is coming directly from Japan via SAL (Small Packet) standard shipping. The parcel got delivered by India Post and there was no customs charged on it.
The box is cute. It has gold, engraved lettering on the blue box and pretty tape. The tape is fruits themed. There was a customs declaration struck on the parcel. Some if the snack items were broken due to horrible parcel handling by the India Post.
The October 28th shipment was a box containing three items. They arrive to you between November 23rd – November 30th. It had three products and the contents were grape gummis, chocolate matcha balls and Pokemon pretzels.


Sakeru Gummi:

Talk about a weird texture! Sakeru means “to split” or “tear,” and that is exactly what you’re supposed to do with these grape flavored gummis. Perhaps too much flavor? It is grape fruit flavoured and you have to tear it and chew just like cheese strings. I love the fruit flavour and these are so good. It felt like bubblegum tapes.
Matcha Chocolate Balls:

Matcha is traditional Japanese green tea. The matcha frosting inside is very sweet, and the outer chocolate shell has a lot of flavor too. It also provides a nice satisfying crunch! This tasted yummmm and I really liked it because I love tea. These are like fluffy cocoa puffs with tea cream inside. The consistency and texture is funny.
Pokemon Pretzels:

Pokemon! These crispy pretzel snacks are covered in white chocolate and “candy chips.” They taste like cake! There were 12 sticks inside.
Box Details:
Type: Food (Snacks)
Country of Origin: Japan
Number of items: usually 1-3 different items, depending on weight
Cost: US$25 for 2 boxes a month + Free shipping worldwide
Overall Thoughts:

Everything in this box tasted sooo gooooodddd! The items chosen were interesting and everything went into my tummy as soon as I opened it. My suggestion to improve this subscription box is that the quantity is little small. Having a few additional goodies like a couple of small candies will offer subscribers a greater variety of snacks to enjoy, and make each box worthy compared to the price. Two boxes with 3 snacks each with free international shipping doesn’t hurt or break your pocket though. The company is run by a young couple Bemmu and Nachi who thought up this brilliant way to share their favorite sweets with foreign friends. They both seem to be very friendly and nice persons. I loved interacting with them. I like the mails they sent with pictures from Japan.
As for the value of this box, these candies didn’t equal the price paid but then, I know that International shipping is super expensive, and you are paying for things you can’t get in your country.  So I think it is worth the money for a candy addict like me. Japanese candy isn’t exactly cheap locally either. A pack costs about $4 to 5 each. I am quite happy with what I received and I hope I will be able to subscribe again to this box in a while!  Trust me; everything I got is super tasty. Thank you Bemmu, you guys are awesome. Incase, you are subscribing, let them know I AM GIRLY Blog sent you.
Want to give Candy Japan to a friend? Go to Candy Japan and send a gift subscription. You will get a gift code. If you know the recipient’s address, you can claim the gift code yourself and enter the address. If you don’t know it, you can send the gift code by email / Facebook to the happy recipient. A very worthy gift this holiday season!

Take a look at their website for more details: www.candyjapan.com

You can also get lots more details and photos of previous parcels on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/CandyJapan