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Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition !!

Hey All,

Cosset Box is a new monthly subscription in India that sends pads, tampons, comforting food and other period supplies. They send surprises to girls in need. Those 4-5 days of period is no longer a pain. Cosset Box Subscription is all about feminine care and hygiene products. Cosset Box is about 8 months old.

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

Cosset Box offer to send you your choice of sanitary napkins or tampons, and goodies such as aromatherapy oils, artisan soaps, energy bars and herbal teas. They also send complimentary samples of cosmetics, skin and hair care products too. Gunjan Parulkar, 33, is the founder of Cosset Box.

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

Here’s the info card that came with my box describing the goodies:

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

The box is designed in a simple way and packaged well. My only wish is that instead of plain regular card board box it was something more pretty. They have just started and I am sure the box would only get better in the coming days. All goodies came intact and wrapped nicely.

My package arrived at the right time, so I was able to try the products out. Every item in the box was fine. The napkins were comfortable to use. I chose Sofy and Whisper. Since Sofy one was not immediately available and causing delay in shipment, they sent me Stayfree after contacting me. The customer service is prompt and friendly.

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

There are two options to choose from – Basic and Indulgence. I chose Indulgence Box. The basic box (from Rs. 349/month) gets you just the essentials – apt for those who forget to stock up in time each month. The Indulgence box gets you comfort foods, pampering products and a surprise gift too.The Indulgence subscription starts at Rs. 799/month and gets cheaper as you opt for longer months.

Here’s how it works : Get onto Cosset Website

  1. Pick your choice of sanitary napkin or tampon brand you want.
  2. Select the Type of Box : BASIC or INDULGENCE
  3. Select a PLAN of Subscription : 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months or 12 Months
  4. Enter your Period Details – The first day of your last period and the frequency of your periods.
  5. Sit back and relax for your order to arrive.

My order got processed and shipped in 2-3 days and it was delivered within a week. You can choose the timeline based on your last period and its frequency. The delivery time will be adjusted accordingly. I got notified via email when my box was shipped.

What’s in my Cosset Box June 2016 Edition ?

Period Essentials:

Whisper Maxi Fit L wings pack of 8  ( Rs. 77)

Stay Free Dry Max Pack of 8  ( Rs. 80)

You can pick up to any 2 packets from brand of your choice. It can be customized from various options including Whisper, Sofy, She, Stayfree, Ob, Carefree. Earlier, you could select 3 packs I guess.

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

Pampering Goodies:

Almond Milk Moisturizer from Bio Bloom – This lotion comes in a 50ml travel-friendly  bottle, It has a mild aroma of almond blossoms. Bio Bloom is an organic and chemical free brand and their products are of top quality. This moisturizer softens skin.  ( Rs 199 for 100ml )

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

Handmade Lavender Soap from Bio Bloom – This hand made soap is pure luxury. The scent is awesome. Moreover, it is parabens and sulphate free. This soap is a great way to cleanse and relax. (Rs. 125 for 100g)

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

Facial bar by The Pink Foundation – Multani is the secret for glowing skin. This mix of Fullers Earth, sandalwood powder and glycerine rejuvenates skin. It also helps in minor exfoliation and fight acne. This can be air dried to use again. (Rs 35)

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

Comfort Food:

Chamomile Green Tea by Assamica Agro –  Nothing can beat a hot steaming cup of tea to ease menstrual discomfort. Green Tea is the healthiest beverage. It is the best green tea I have tasted so far.

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

Fortune Cookie – I was excited like a kid to find a fortune cookie. It was cracked but I loved the taste and message.

Chocolate Chunk Nutty Bar by Yoga Bar – Chocolates make me happy and instantly uplifts my mood. The taste and flavour was not great but yes it is healthy and less in calories. I would have preferred a Dairy Milk or single piece of Ferrero Rocher.  (Rs 35)

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

Intimate Essentials:

Everteen’s intimate care pack – Travel pack containing wipes and a bottle of intimate wash : I have have full sized versions of these items but this travel pack is perfect to throw into my handbag for hygiene on the move.

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

There was one special offer from  Kaaryah’s for subscribers.

Cosset Box Subscription June 2016 Edition

Make those rough days more cheerful by with this indulgence kit. You can even gift it to the women in your life. Imagine a box of goodies and essentials arriving at your doorstep, just in time? Total Bliss, Na?

I think Cosset Box is a really convenient subscription for women who prefer natural products, handpicked gifts and period essentials. What do you think of Cosset Box. Have you tried any period subscription before?

I paid Rs 599 after discount. The original price of the box per month is Rs 799. The value of goodies total to around Rs 650 and considering the shipping charges the price is decent. You get goodies worth what you pay for. So you can definitely opt for Cosset Box. The box is worth the money but my feedback is that the value of the box can be increased in future.

P.S: I purchased the box with my own money but I received a small discount voucher for my order from the Brand. My own honest opinions.