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Creation Crate Subscription Box Review !!

Creation Crate Subscription Box Review !!

Hey All,

I love the idea behind monthly subscription boxes! It is a great way to try surprise goodies. I have tried monthly snack boxes, beauty boxes and period boxes. There’s a new monthly electronics box called the Creation Crate and you get a different tech project every month on how to build electronics (hardware+software).

Creation Crate Subscription Box Review !! Creation Crate Subscription Box Review !!

I recently got a box to try. I received the Creation Crate April 2016 Subscription Box. Read on for a review of my Creation Crate.

About Creation Crate:

Creation Crate is tech education-in-a-box! With Creation Crate, you can learn how to build electronics without any prior experience. Creation Crate projects are a combination of building hardware and programming software with a focus on helping you understand how it works. Each month, you’ll be given a new project that’s slightly harder than the last.

Price: $29.99 Per Month – Free worldwide shipping! Save more when you choose 3-12 months.

Creation Crate Subscription Box Review !!

What’s inside:

A different project each month, with the same three components:  the UNO R3 (Arduino-compatible),  that acts as a pocket-sized computer, various components, and the instruction booklet.

My take on Creation Crate:

Every month, Creation Crate sends a project that combines programming and electronics.

The projects you get are really fun to try and it also helps you learn about electronics with games, music and sensors. The projects are beginner friendly. One need not have the knowledge about electronics to complete the projects. It is meant for ages 12+. Adults can try it out too. I am giving my box to my niece to work it out!

This month, the theme was Mood Lamp. They sent supplies and directions needed to construct a programmable mood lamp.

Inside the box, I got a Chinese paper lantern, UNO R3 (Arduino-compatible), Breadboard (830 Tie-points), Light dependent resistor, red/green/blue LED lights, U-shaped jumper wires, Regular jumper wires and USB cable.

Creation Crate Subscription Box Review !! Creation Crate Subscription Box Review !! Creation Crate Subscription Box Review !! Creation Crate Subscription Box Review !! Creation Crate Subscription Box Review !! Creation Crate Subscription Box Review !!

The glossy instruction book is very handy. Most people will be able to follow it well. My niece did struggle a bit with the diagrams. The Instruction booklet details Hardware, Programming, Common Errors, and Exercises. Each section contains brief explanations of the steps. You’ll also be given a password to access a project support page on their site.

The UNO board has a free downloadable software. The board connects to your PC via a USB cable and to an electrical breadboard with jumper wires. After wiring, you have to do programming using the free Arduino software. Add the code line-by-line. The project my niece did had a few bugs. So checkout for a finished pic later ( incase, it works!!)

Creation Crate is a great method to learn electronics and programming. It will make you feel proud when you complete the project with your little to nil experience. I would love to see an instructional video. I absolutely cant wait to know what their next project is. Dont forget to gift Creation Crate to your cute little friends.

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