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FlintoBox August 2016 Review !!

FlintoBox August 2016 Review !!

Hello All,

FlintoBox is a subscription service in India for kids and toddlers. “Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids” is something amazing. Kids can have fun and learn at the same time with the help of FlintoBox.

FlintoBox August 2016 Review !!

I gave the box to my little cousin  and she was excited to open it. The box was received in excellent condition with timely delivery.

The Theme this month was The Little Scientist – Activity Boxes for 4-8 Year Old. Every month they have a different theme. The box came with instruction sheets and a booklet too.

FlintoBox August 2016 Review !! FlintoBox August 2016 Review !!

Each activity focus on one or few skills of the kids. FlintoBox comes with a warning that you have to be a kid or kid at heart to unbox it.

Does your child ask a lot of questions about how things work? Then The Little Scientist Box, packed with educational activities, is sure to nudge him/her into exploring the world of science at home. Let your curious little researcher carry out simple experiments, observe how things react, and learn a scientific concept or two in a fun manner. So, get set to turn your home into a mini science lab!

FlintoBox August 2016 Review !!

The Little Scientist Box is packed with 4 activities to Explore, Create, Play and Read

Activity #1 – Balloon Car ( CREATE)

Your child puts the car together and understands how the air pressure propels it to move.

FlintoBox August 2016 Review !! FlintoBox August 2016 Review !!

Activity #2 – Buzzer Maze (Explore)

Hands-on experiment for your child to learn about how an electrical circuit works.

FlintoBox August 2016 Review !! FlintoBox August 2016 Review !!

Activity #3 – iStyle Mania (PLAY)

Addictive game for your child to learn magnetic attraction as he/she creates different styles.

FlintoBox August 2016 Review !! FlintoBox August 2016 Review !!

Activity #4 – Monster Slime (Bonus)

In this sensory activity, your child explores how slime is formed. Shh…! There’s a monster around!

FlintoBox August 2016 Review !! FlintoBox August 2016 Review !!

Bonus Item:

FlintoBox August 2016 Review !!

Pricing : 3 Month Subscription @ Just 3285 (Discounted Price of 2085 now) and Per Box 1095 (Discounted Price of 695 now) INR.

My cousin loved the theme of the box and the tips provided. Parents need not have to go to shop to get source for supplies. Some activities couldn’t be completed by my cousin alone and she had to depend on me/her parents. It was nice involving with her and make her understand the concept. FlintoBox focus on one theme per month so that you will never run out of ideas. FlintoBox is sure to enhance the skill set of kids.

FlintoBox August 2016 Review !! FlintoBox August 2016 Review !! FlintoBox August 2016 Review !!

Overall the box is of quality materials. The activities are good. There is variety too. The box is a great buy and value for money if your kid loves to do fun activities. My cousin really enjoyed her FlintoBox unboxing session. She got hooked on to it infact. Shipping is free on all FlintoBoxes.

About FlintoBox:

Flintobox is an award-winning and age-appropriate subscription box for children, delivered to your doorstep every month! Each box is loaded with play-based activities for kids that promote early child development in a fun and explorative way. With a new theme every month, this research-based box is crafted by montessori experts and child psychologists, and caters to the 12 developmental areas of a child.

** PR Box received for review purpose. My opinions are honest.