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Freedom Japanese Market Snack Box September 2014 Review and Unboxing!

Hey Girls,
Are you a subscription addict?
Freedom Japanese Market is a new Subscription box on the scene but they are becoming more and more popular day by day. Freedom Japanese Market is a Japanese candy and snack subscription box. I gratefully received this box to review. 
They ship worldwide and that too for FREE! The boxes ship right from Japan. You can pay using PayPal for added protection. The boxes cost $25 per month including free shipping.

Cost: $25.00/month
Coupon: Let them know I Am Girly Blog sent you when you subscribe via the order notes and you get an extra treat in your box for sure. 


What’s in the box? Around 7 to 12 unique Japanese snacks/candies sent to your door every month!
When will I receive my box? If you order after the 15th of the month, you get your box from the next month but if you would like to get the box for the same month, you can mail them and let them know. The customer support is really friendly.

When am I charged? The subscription fee is automatically deducted from your account every month or you will be billed accordingly. You can cancel the subscription anytime. For cancellations, you should mail the support team. If you cancel your subscription after the 15th of the month, you may be charged for the following package and receive one final box the next month. 

Where to find?

Why Freedom Japanese?
  • Free Shipping Worldwide!
  • Each box is completely packed with about a pound of handpicked popular, traditional and wacky Japanese snacks.
  • All candies and snacks are shipped fresh from Japan, and will never see the inside of a sweaty container ship.
  • Each subscription box contains many items sold exclusively in Japan.
  • You will only receive products we would eat ourselves.  We will only send packages we would be excited to receive.
  • You can secure your subscription through PayPal for 100% security.
  • As a club member, you will pay absolutely no renewal, handling or service charges.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime, without fees or penalties.
Apart from the subscription boxes, they also have individual items and extra gifts boxes for sale. These boxes make an excellent present for any snack lover.
The box arrived super quickly in two weeks (the Japanese mail system must be way more efficient than the Chinese ones which takes ages to arrive).

Contents of September Box:
I ripped the box open and everything was neatly packed. I got it in a white outer cardboard box that also had a customs declaration. No customs was charged for the box.
Each box comes with an information card. Most Japanese goodies contain details in their own language and not English. It was really hard for me to read and understand the description and usage of each item. The information card made it easy and effortless. I love that family picture they included coz it gives a feeling of belonging. The card turned out to be very useful.
I also received this paper origami as a token of thank you.


These are Mexican styled fries. It looks like French fries. These are limited edition and have a salsa flavour. It was nice and crunchy.

The yuckiest thing ever. Thankfully I didn’t eat this. I wonder what it is. It smells foul and weird. I almost choked. I think it is some meat. The card calls it as squid jerky. Total hate probably because we are not used to the Japanese culture of eating and I am more of a vegetarian. I trashed this.

I just found out via google that squid jerky means dried seafood which is low in fat and high in proteins. It is fish item I hope and may be thats why I hate it. Hahaha !!


This is a DIY kit where you make a cotton candy yourself. Kids will love this. I couldn’t understand the instructions and could make it out only via images. I used milk instead of water and refrigerated it. I messed it up and it didn’t turn well but I was able to eat it. It was more on the sour side and with sweet toppings. It has a black current sort of flavour. To prepare this, you mix the packets with water, stir with the given spoon and then roll in the hard candies and eat.


These are puffy potato chips like Cheetos and Lays. It has some seasoning of beef, chicken, onion as the image on the cover says. I don’t know why there is a melon or pumpkin like thing depicted on the cover. The smell is little over but the taste is mild. I don’t eat non-veg and since it is Navarathri no one does; so I gave this to my maid and she gave this opinion. These tasted nice just like the usual puffy chips it seems.


They taste like fresh tangerine oranges. These are fresh and sour and really make me lick my tongue. I want Moreeeeeeeeeeee. These are jelly like candies which are bit hard and not too pulpy made of fruit. These are soft and chewable.


Umaibo Sticks are flavored hollow cylinders. They are an easy snack. I want more of these. These sticks are very popular and made of corn in Japan. I got two versions of these sticks- Pollock and Code Roe and Cheese. They are available in different flavors. I liked the Cheese version more and the other version is more of masala kind.


These look like tablets. It is similar to the Tic Tac and Polo in our country. They are tangy and fizz in the mouth. The info card says it gives an experience similar to drinks. I feel like drinking Sprite or 7up. These are refreshing and citrusy. I love it.  


The cutest gum ever with Mario cover. The card says that the cover is a collectible. It is a bubble gum and it had a citrusy scent and taste like orange. The flavour didn’t last really long but was a nice, soft piece. I chewed it for some time and It didn’t pain my mouth. He he !

Pretz are thin pretzel sticks without any coating. They have seasoning and the flavour is strong but I can’t find it. The box had two packs of these. These are eatable and not that bad. They taste good to you if you like the seasoning used.


These had a very strong apple strawberry flavour. This is the yummiest of all in the box. These are crunchy cookies with apple cream filled inside and they taste so delicious. I think a special colon only box will be a great idea coz they are that awesome. I just loved these, based on the smell alone.


These are cute! It’s gummy sushi (Jelly like thing) that you can mix and match. These three has different flavors. These are made from real fruits and they taste fruity. You can share your creations with the team. I didn’t succeed this time as I am not able to understand the instructions. These taste yum and I just swallowed everything in a gulp. Reds taste like berries, the yellows like citrusy pineapple and the whites like lime vanilla or rather coconut. These came in different shapes as well.
From this month Freedom Japanese is starting a new multiple package system. You can order more than one box and can even gift it to others.  

This is what Freedom Japanese has to say:

* “Many of our club members have asked for additional boxes for birthday presents, thank you gifts and office party prizes.  We also have received several requests to send extra boxes as care packages to friends and family members (hospital visits, college students, moving house etc.).  Our new service allows all paying subscribers to order extra boxes for a specific month.  These boxes can be shipped to the subscriber, or sent to different addresses – please note that Freedom is not responsible, and will not give refunds for packages that cannot be delivered to the address we are given.  Now our club members can send exotic, yet affordable Japanese candies and snacks to all the people they care about.  These boxes are pretty much the perfect gift for just about anyone.
All the club member needs to do is send us an email telling us how many extra boxes they need, and where they need them sent.  We will send them a PayPal link for the total – $25 per box, with no extra handling charges for additional addresses.  If payment is received by the 15th of the month, the extra boxes will be shipped at the same time as the regular subscription.  For orders over 25 boxes, we ask that members please contact us by the tenth to confirm availability.”

Overall Thoughts:

This is a great box. The packets are cute. Everything tastes awesome except for that yucky squid jerky. Freedom Japanese is an international subscription service and they sell several different sampler packs, DIY kits, traditional as well as limited edition food stuffs.
I think you get a variety of products for the price delivered with free shipping hassle free to your location. The price may look steep but consider the fact that each item costs $1 to $3 and you get about 12 goodies and with international postage the price seems reasonable. There is a good value for money and this box is totally worth it. Especially when one is living in a country like India with limited access to International stuff , this box doesn’t hurt.The domestic candies are less expensive but at an international level it is really pricey. They don’t charge you huge shipping fee or customs. You know what I mean here right? You will love this if you are a foodie and love snacks and candies. If you like Japanese cuisine, you will definitely love this.
A suggestion that I have to tell the Freedom Japanese team is that it will be great if you make a veg and non-veg only box other than this or mark it in the information sheet whether an item is veg or non-veg clearly. A candy only box is also a great idea. Some people who are veg don’t like non-veg so if there are options to replace it with a veg item; that is good as well. You can add this question to your form. I hope you will explore these possibilities in future. Please bring a collon box. I love the collons and they are truly yummilicious.

Update: FJM informed me that they seldom send out any meat or fish products in their our boxes and usually focus on candies and sweet snacks which is a double treat !

There are no customization options but you can let the team know your requirements and they will see what can be done. It is questionable that whether you will love everything in every box. However, Freedom Japanese  put in a lot of time trying new snacks, and will only include the candies they would want to buy for themselves, or at least try once for the experience.  Now that is something which tells you they care for their customers. 
Get an assortment of Japanese treats like candies and snacks shipped to your house every month! Join the club for just $25 / month. Free shipping worldwide!
I hope you enjoyed my review. Don’t forget to check them out and in case you are subscribing please tell them Iswarya of I Am Girly Blog sent you.