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Gummy Munchies

Gummy Munchies – Candy Subscription Box

Hello Dearies,

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. I am just lazying around and relaxing a bit. I am going to Black Thunder Water Theme Park and Resorts, Ooty for 2 days coming week.  Meanwhile, I have an exciting news to share with you all including my international friends. You all know that I maintain a Subscription Boxes section on this website and you can figure out how crazy I am for these boxes from that. I just found a new subscription box that ships worldwide. It is a candy subscription box called ‘Gummy Munchies’. I so love the name. Gummies are yummy and always preferred by me. They remain my favourite candy always. I was delighted to see a box that is exclusively for gummies. A new candy subscription site Gummy Munchies is just launched where customers can pick and choose their favorite gummy candies from a wide variety of sour, sweet, and sugar-free gummies.

Gummy Munchies

Gummy Munchies is your #1 online source to pick and choose your favorite gummy candy online delivered straight to your home or office. Shipping is available across the world.  Every month you will get a box full of gummies. If you order a 3 month plan, you will get one box each every month for three months. All orders ship on the 10th of every month. Domestic orders ( within continental U.S.) takes 3-5 business days and international orders take 10-15 days for delivery. The delivery period might turn longer depending on your destination.

You can pay for your orders by the 1st of each month to receive it on that particular month. If you order on May 29th your order will ship on 10th of June. The regular size gummy munchies box weigh 12 oz, the mini version weighs 5 oz, and the ‘Orange Label’ tin weighs approximately 4 oz.

Gummy Munchies

Customers are offered a great Selection when it comes to Gummy Munchies. Whether you prefer soursweet or even sugar-free you can pick and choose your favorite gummy candies online and have it delivered at your doorstep all at the comfort of your couch. Pick as many options as you’d like, even if its 5, 10, or 20 gummies. You can choose them all for one flat fee starting at $9.95. Subscribe now and save! The varieties you get are so many.

It lets you discover by offering ‘surprise’ options where customers can choose to receive a monthly surprise of either sour, classic, sugar-free, or a mix of it all. It’s hard to be upset when you have a bag full of gummies at your doorstep. Customers can send personalized messages and yummy gifts to their friends and loved ones with every gift order.

The entire process is very convinient. All gummies are packaged and sealed in their beautifully designed moisture resistant foil pouch and shipped in an insulated box to ensure quality freshness while in transit.

If you are interested to order a box, you can use this referral link to get 10% off all products till 1 June 2015.

I am looking forward to order a box and review it for you. Do check out their website. I am sure you will love it.