Japan Crate November 2014 Premium Subscription Box Review !
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Japan Crate November 2014 Premium Subscription Box Review !


Japan Crate is one of a growing number of snack subscription box services that, for a subscription fee, deliver a box filled with Japanese snacks and candy to your doorstep every month. You can order the Japanese treats for you or your friend from the comfort of your couch.
You can buy Japanese snacks in bulk from a few wholesale sites but since I have never tasted so many Japanese treats I do not know what to pick. I cant choose because I am not aware of the details or the taste. So definitely I need some one who can offer the best sellers for me. Here is when Japan Crate comes into picture. Ever wanted to try the crazy Japanese candy you’ve seen online? Now you can with Japan Crate Subscription.

The Subscription Box: Japan Crate
The Cost: $12.00 (mini) / $25.00 (original) / $30.00 (premium)
The Products: over 2 pounds of full-size, Japanese candy and DIY food kits.
Ships to: Worldwide. Free shipping in US, $15  additional shipping fee internationally. Ships via USPS. Japan Crate ships on the 5th of every month.
Every month you’ll receive a mystery box ranging from 4-6 full size candies or 10-12 with DIY Candy Kits. Receive anything from a sushi candy making kit to Vanilla Ice Cream Kit Kats. Japan Crate Subscription includes a box filled with 2 pounds of wild and crazy full sized Japanese candies including 2 fun do-it-yourself kits and 1 premium Japanese drink in every shipment. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

The information card says Japan Crate has implemented a new system of Candy Gashapon, starting with this month’s box. Everyone would be receiving random sets of goods from a pool of 20+ items. Japan Crate also plans to open an online store to purchase previous crates too! The information card has all the details and it is very handy.
These are the items which were featured in this month’s Candy Gashapon but my box didn’t have:
Lotte Fusenno Mi Blueberry Gum: A bubble gum with three different types of blueberry flavors. includes sour yogurt and regular blackberry flavors. Fusen No Mi is a sticky, stick fruit flavored blueberry gum. 
Balance Power: Balanced with 8 kinds of vitamin and minerals. Delicious and portable way to get a burst of energy when you need it.
Nerunerunerune (“Kracie” Nerunerune Budou-Aji) : A fun DIY candy where you create a fluffy, sticky, sweet, fun candy. I have tried this once. I got it in Freedom Japanese Box.
CoffeeBeat: These mini coffee bean sized chocolate just brim with flavour. Their latest blend is a rich espresso taste. Smells exactly like a coffeeshop.
Cola Candy Stick: Filled with cola flavor, this hard candy will be sure to please your mouth.
Petite Kuma Land: A new, original release from Bourbon. These limited edition cookies are cute and shaped like 5 different bears.

Pokemon Gum: Fruity and bursting with flavor, these Pokemon gum come like the popular trading card game.
Chocobanana DIY (Candy Hora Dekita Choco Banana Soft Candy): Banana Flavor soft candy with topping you can make yourself.
The contents are banana flavored candy, chocolate sauce, and sugar sprinkles. Take the banana candy, put it on a stick, dip it in the chocolate, then the sprinkles, and enjoy.

Animal Land DIY: This DIY kit from popin cookin lets your construct your own gummy animals.

Here are the items inside my box:
Black Thunder: Yes. This is the Black Thunder. Japan’s most hyped and hard to get candy. Try it and you will know why.
It contains a cocoa-flavored cookie bar mixed with Japanese-style rice puffs, coated with chocolate. It is deliciousThese are $1 per piece. They are tasty and affordable. This is a must-have for any fan of Japanese chocolate!
Panda Pocky: Pocky in panda form! Cookies in cream flavor. Probably our favourite cookie flavor ever. Each Pack costs you $ 2.49. These are similar to the Pretz Sticks This pack of Pocky has a cute Panda design and a delicious twist on the normal variations of Pocky! Each pack contains a large pack of chocolate pocky sticks, covered in frosted cream and infused with crunchy cookie chunks.
Hishi No Kirby: It is a cola flavored gum that is created after Kirby. Each pack comes with a sticker.
Kirby is an anime from Japanese Video Games. 
Icebar DIY (Hora Dekita Ice Bar Soft Candy): Create mini ice cream bars topped with your favourite syrup and fizzy powder.
Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat: Everyone’s had a kit kat before, but have you had the flavors of japan? Flavors like Macha and strawberry are only the start.
Black Black Gum : It is a super menthol type gum that is popular amongst students and salary men who need to stay up.
Puccho Miracle : Ultra miracle squash candy is a fruity candy chew filled with colourful fruity gummy balls. Can you detect all the flavors?
Ginseng Ramune Carbonated Soft Drink: Ramune is Japan’s most famous soda. push the marble down to activate this delicious drink. Receive anything from a fruity drink like grape to a savory drink like curry (better than it sounds)
Ume Gum: Lotte has been creating delicious flavors of chewing gum in Japan for decades and they have recently renewed their flagship Ume (OO-meh) or Japanese plum flavored gum.
Bonus item – Calbee Potato Chips – This is similar to salted lays. It is a crispy snack.
Verdict: The value for this Japan Crate adds up to $22 to $25. In my experience other snack boxes like this one (the ones I’ve tried) tend to have low values and less items than the box so I’m glad this one is better. I also love the variety this box has –  DIY candy kits, chewy gums, soft and hard candies, soft drinks as well as crispy snacks. A month ago, I’d never recognize any of these brands, but now after trying a couple of boxes, I feel proud of myself for recognizing these products and brand. I know Japanese brands very well now. I am able to make out the characters too. It is so much fun with these type of candy boxes. They make a perfect gift box as well.
I am satisfied with Japan Crate and so far it is the best box I have tried. It contains my favourite candies and snacks. I am happy it comes with more candy and no non veg or meat item. Everything tastes good and I was able to enjoy all the treats.
The packaging is very good compared to other boxes. It looks professional and it reached me in perfect condition with no damage or leakage. The soft drink made of glass bottle didn’t break too. The shipping and delivery was quick compared to others. It took only seven days.
All the items had the additional nutritional facts sticker to it which is very good. None of the other boxes had.
Japan Crate is relatively new and they are only around 5 months old. They are constantly improving their services. If you are disappointed inform them and they will do their best. The customer support provided is good. Japan Crate gets better day by day. You can order the mini box to get started with.
I am a happy customer of Japan Crate ! I love love Japan Crate box. 
What do you think of Japan Crate? Subscribe here.