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Kawaii Box October 2014 Review and Unboxing!

PR Sample

Hiya Sweeties,

Subscription Box is the trend these days. You know what I mean. With the popular one’s like Memebox, Wish box etc. out there, I have also fallen for that craze. I have started a Subscription Box section on this blog which you can find in the top navigation and I intend to feature different boxes here. I have come across and tried beauty Boxes, Snack Boxes, Jewellery Boxes etc. but for the first time I am trying a cute subscription box.
Subscription boxes are basically monthly boxes that you can subscribe to by signing up and paying a fixed amount each month and in return you get a box filled with products that reflect any theme of the box and you get the products worth same, higher or lesser than the value you paid depending on the service provider.
I was looking for some cute items and Japanese goods for a while now and Kawaii Box came at the right time. I am always sold on the “CUTE” thing. How perfect na? Kawaii Box is a subscription that any girly girl wouldn’t like to miss. Kawaii Box offers a reviewer of the month program and they picked us as one of their October reviewers! How cool is that?

Kawaii Box is a subscription service where you are sent a box full of Japanese and Korean ‘Kawaii’ items every month. It costs $18.50 per month with free worldwide shipping. You can use PayPal and can also cancel your subscription anytime. It includes 10-12 super cute items. “Kawaii” means “Cute” in Japanese. And this box is full of Kawaii!

About Kawaii Box – Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe now and receive a box filled with hand-picked Kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month. Your box will be shipped in the beginning of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed Kawaii items.
Contents of the October 2014 Box:

Nemuneko Plush – This is a Cat face plush charm. This was one of my favorite things in the box, it’s soft and fluffy and it is my new friend. I can attach it to my backpack or key-chain or mobile, hang on the car or door or wall, use as a toy etc. Right now I am keeping it as a toy. As a toy it is small but as a charm it is big. It’s white in shade and looks adorable. Look at its furry face, closed eyes and tiny pink ears. It is such a cuteness overload. It is bulky but light weighted for a charm/hanging.
Rilakkuma Charm – I love this cute charm! It has the appearance of teddy bear, and is medium sized but will fit comfortably on to any gadget. It is squishable and it makes you stress free. “Rilakkuma” means “Bear in relaxed mood”.
Piggy Sharpener – It’s the cutest sharpener ever.

Puccho Grapefruit Candy – These are grapefruit flavored fruit and yoghurt candies. They have a pleasant smell of Guava and they taste gummy. These are sour and fruity. I totally loved these candies. It is kinda like FruitTella Candy.
Inner wrappers are also cute na
Hello Kitty Pen – How can a cute box come without Hello Kitty? Hello Kitty is always a YAY for me. It writes well while being so fabulous. I’ll carry this in my handbag to work every day. None of my friends own such a pen and I can easily identify it if I misplace it somewhere in office.

A Pair of Pink Bow Hair Bands –This is cute and the elastic is a bit long so I will have to make 4-5 rounds to tie hair. I will use these when I braid my hair or tie them up. These are so perfect for baby girls and I may even gift these to any of my little friends.
Bunny Letter Note Card with Envelope – No doubt it is cute but I don’t know whether I will be using it. We live in a technological era and depend mostly on emails. Any stationery lover will prefer this but I am planning to use it to make a note of love/apology to that someone special in my life.

Rose Pearl Jewellery Stickers –These are pearl stickers and they look like rose rhinestones. I am using it to decorate my Samsung Galaxy S4 and IPad Mini Case.

Rabbit Stickers – They’re nice with an embossed surface and are high quality. They stick well and the pack denotes different emotions of Rabbit. This is something that would be easy to stick on a book, package, cupboard, letter or envelopes. You can even stick it to gadget covers. I am using it to decorate my dressing table.
Cute Makeup/Pencil Pouch – This cute pouch with cartoon characters looks very well made and stitched, it is the cutest way to carry your beauty essentials/stationery.  It can hold money and even a couple of cards as well.
Pink Face Cloth/Towel – This is so cute and it is one of those useful items. I am keeping it in my toiletry bag and it comes handy when I travel every day. It adds that cute factor to my handbag. I was reluctant to use towels and I always use paper napkins. Since this is pretty, I can flaunt in style.
Overall Thoughts:

Delivery and Shipping: The boxes ship from Singapore and only took a week to arrive. Kawaii Box doesn’t come with an info card, so you might not be aware of the names and price of the product. Also the characters will be based on Pop Culture, which is not famous here but popular in other countries like Korea and japan. You won’t be aware of these characters. Anyway, all items are guaranteed cute and genuine. There’s also a 3-month gift subscription available if you are looking for a special present. Kawaii Box is a service from Blippo, a shop from Hong Kong that sells affordable cute items.
Packaging: The box is made of simple white cardboard and it was actually smaller than what I had expected. It comes with a Kawaii Box sticker on the front and mine even had a cute bear shape drawn on it. I love those small personal notes. I also got a thank you card with a hand written message on the back. The box looks cute overall. None of the items were damaged or missing which means the box is sturdy.
Price: The Kawaii Box costs $18.90 USD per month. That includes shipping to “anywhere on the planet.” All Kawaii Boxes come with a tracking number and there are no custom charges to pay.
Value: Overall from what I got, I estimate this box at a value of $30 to $40 USD. I consider this a pretty decent value. Even if one item cost $1, there are 11 to 12 items and the shipping charges are also included so it is well worth it.

Quality: Many of these items are licensed and branded. Others aren’t, but they’re decent quality. None of the previous boxes have disappointed so far and none of the items are poor quality. Overall, it’s good quality for the money and you get what you pay for.
A lot of these items make perfect and unique gifts for friends! You get access to all these cute sweets and toys from Japan, for an affordable price. Also, not knowing exactly what you’ll receive is fun. It’s a surprise every month which makes you smile! The box adds a lot of cheerfulness in your life.
The wonderful people over at Kawaii Box have also offered me the opportunity to run a giveaway for you girls! If you’d like to win your own Kawaii Box, check back for a new post in a few days.
I will definitely subscribe to it soon! The box totally got me sold and I have become crazy.
Stay Kawaii and girly
If you’re interested in the Kawaii Box and you’d like to subscribe, Pay a visit to their website and let them know that I Am Girly Blog Sent You!