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Memebox #48 Daily Dose of Beauty – unboxing and review !

Hey Girls,
Memebox Superbox #48 Daily Dose of Beauty just arrived last week. Wow! Another Memebox! As usual there was an information card with the description of the potential contents of the box. The specialty of this box is that it holds a different item for each day of the week. The products range from make-up for Mondays to therapeutic face packs for weekends.  
This box turned out to be one of my favourite boxes so far. It had 8 products not 7. I was surprised that there are only 7 days and how come they have sent 8. I then came to know that it holds 2 for Tuesdays and Thursdays and no Saturday or Sunday, only the weekend.  There is a mix of everything from haircare, skincare to makeup which I like.  The box came packed and stuffed that it had no paper pack at the bottom. Anyway that’s one thing I like the most about Memebox – it’s full of goodies.
This box being a Superbox is priced at USD 29 plus USD 6.99 for shipping from Korea; you can get discounts using coupon codes. Every item is full sized in Superbox.

Let’s see a recap about Memebox before we move on to the actual review.
Memebox (pronounced mi-mi-box) is a non-subscription beauty box service and online store based in Korea. Every month Memebox releases several new beauty boxes. They ship to over 40 counties.The name “Memebox” originated from “Mi Mi”, the name of a Korean doll that is the beauty idol of many little girls in Korea. Memebox spelt it as “Me-me” because we wanted to emphasize that beauty is about oneself, and hence “me”.
Memebox is currently the #1 beauty box provider in Korea. Memebox carries 4 main types of beauty boxes: Memebox, Memebox Special Editions, Superbox and Luckybox. In addition to the box series, they also carry full-size, Korean beauty products in their Memeshop.


The original Memebox comes packed with 4 – 8 full-size products and deluxe samples. Boxes in each Memebox series always contain the same products, and contents vary from hair and body products, to skin-care and makeup products.

Memebox Special Edition:

Memebox special edition comes packaged with 4-8 full-size products and deluxe samples under its own theme. Memebox special edition is designed to meet various concerns, beauty trends, and also seasonal needs.


Superbox was inspired by our Memebox lovers, looking for full-sized products catered to specific needs. Each Superbox series comes with its own theme, designed to target particular concerns, or collaboration with our favorite brands!


We created Luckybox to give everyone a different and unique box full of our favorite products for you to feel like the luckiest person in the world! Every Luckybox is unique and is filled with 4 – 8 full sized products and deluxe samples carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products!

One of the great benefits of shopping with Memebox is that all of our products are sourced, packaged, and shipped, directly from Korea straight to your doorstep.Regular shipping takes between 15 – 25 business days. Express shipping options are available as well, and take 3 – 7 business days. Memebox is committed to bringing you only the best – so the boxes you get is worth the wait.

Superbox #48 Daily Dose of Beauty
Confronting a new work week can be tough! So in order to make you feel—and look—polished everyday before heading out the door, we have our tried and true beauty products that will add a little more sass and spice into each day of your week. Here are our weekly beauty staples!
Makeup Mondays: Beat Monday Morning Blues!
Treatment Tuesdays: Give yourself the ultimate skin pampering session that is fit for a queen!
Weird Wednesdays: Surprise yourself with crazy beauty who-know-whats!
Therapy Thursday: Give yourself a therapeutic relaxation session!
Funky Fridays: Glam up and let loose!
Wrinkle-free Weekends: De-stress and erase the years off your face!
Everyone needs something beautiful everyday!
These are the goodies that I got in this Daily Dose of Beauty box.

Yu Choo by Me Steam Silk Hair Pack [Wed]
Price: USD 9 – Full size

Product Description: Effective hair stream treatments can be expensive, but fret not because Memebox has got you covered. This contains argan oil, olive oil and coconut oil – three ingredients renowned for their deep nourishment and restorative properties.

How to use: After towel-drying your hair, wear the steam hair pack like a hat, making sure to tuck in all loose strands using the fastening sticker included. Gently massage with your hands and let is rest for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off.

My Thoughts: This sounds good. I hope this will be a good try for my super damaged hair. Yuhoooo a hair mask! Stuff it into this shower-cap like mask on damp hair; leave it on for 15 minutes, and rinse. With my super busy routine, I forget to take care of my hair apart from the normal shampooing. This will definitely come handy. It seems easy to use with minimum efforts and time saving.
Sally’s box Delight Hydrogel Mask [Tues]
Price:  Full size, 25g x 3ea – USD 13.

Product Description: It has 3 masks – the Delight Ceramide Hydrogel Mask, Delight Collagen Hydrogel Mask and Delight Panthenol Hydrogel Mask. A story of moisture delight from delight.

Delight Ceramide Hydrogel Mask – To change the exhausted and damaged skin into the healthy and moisturised skin. It is hydrogel mask that contains “Ceramide” a nourishing component for distressed skin, and the garden complex with extra moisture to energize and invigorate tired and dull skin.

Delight Collagen Hydrogel Mask – To change the non-elastic skin into moisturised and elastic one. It is a hydrogel mask that contains the moisturizing power of collagen and the extra moisture provided by the garden complex to increase skin elasticity and deliver moisture to the deeper layers of the skin.
Delight Panthenol Hydrogel Mask – Panthenol mask to soothe and moisturise the rough skin. It is a hydrogel mask that contains calming effect of Panthenol and extra moisture provided by the garden complex to hydrate, soothe and turn dry and rough skin into smooth, soft skin.
How to Use: After cleansing your face, apply some toner. Open the package and remove the protective upper and lower films. Apply the sheet mask evenly on your face keeping eye and mouth area clear. Remove the mask in about thirty minutes and gently pat the remaining product.
My ThoughtsI love sheet masks! I love the cutie packaging. I am glad to receive these as they are super moisturizing. This is also easy to use but needs patience. It is soothing and hydrating and you will forget your tensions. I use this when I am watching soap operas/ serials in television in the evening. They are gel based.

ProYou S Wrinkle SC Renewal Ampoule [Weekend]
Price: Full size, 50ml. Value of USD96.

Product Description: Most representative from ProYou’s widely acknowledged anti-aging S Wrinkle SC Renewal line, this ampoule delivers deep nutrition, improves skin elasticity and firmness, treats signs of fine lines and wrinkles, and rejuvenates the skin by controlling the skin’s moisture/oil balance. It’s free of parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, artificial coloring, artificial fragrance, and triethanol, while packed with various wrinkle care components such as adenosine, EGF and peptide complex.

How to use: Every morning and night, apply abundantly over your face and neck. Pat it in for full absorbance. Suitable to be used by all skin types.

My Thoughts:  I don’t have too much of wrinkling right now coz I am 23. I am saving it up or gifting it to my mom. This seems to be an expensive product and effective. Prevention is better than cure so I can give it a try too.
D’ran Aqua Wonder Intensive Renewing Serum [Tues]
 Price: Full size, 45 ml. Value of USD 43.

Product Description: The glacier water complex used in this delivers intensive moisture and nutrition by absorbing quickly and deeply into the skin. When used after emulsion application, it’ll leave your skin shining with a natural, supple glow.

How to use: Apply adequately over your face and pat it in with your hands for full absorbance.

My Thoughts: OMG. I love this one. Another huge bottle and OMG OMG did I read glacier water. I’m super excited already! This had gone to my bed side beauty essentials kit. I think it’s an excellent product. It works well on my oily skin too. It is hydrating, adds a nice glow and keeps skin soft and supple.  

I already own a dozen serums I have no idea what to do with them all. How can one person use up everything? This bottle is pretty na?

Grinif Rawganic Jojoba Golden Oil  [Thurs]
Price: Full size, 50ml. Value of USD36.

Product Description‘Rawganic’ refers to non-processed, purely natural ingredients. This contains over 98% of pure, organic Jojoba oil and works to deliver intense hydration and nutrition to extremely dry skin types by renewing the moisture/oil balance. It’s a multi oil with a lightly absorbing texture and a subtle lavender oil fragrance.

How to use: Mix in with a facial cream, a BB cream, a body lotion, or a hair essence. Can also be used for oil massage. Massage onto your face, moving from inner towards outer contours of your face.

My Thoughts:

Not a fan of oils but this is nice. I can use for oil cleansing and it works wonders as a makeup remover. This isn’t pure Jojoba; it contains lavender oil and tocopherol (vitamin E) too. I love the fragrance but it is bit overpowering. I can use it to smooth my hair like a serum if I use tiny drops. This works as a hair oil too. I think its multi-functional oil.
Eglips JolieBebe Lip Treatment [Thurs]
Price: Full size, 15 ml. Value of USD 8.

Product Description: Enriched with shea butter, refreshing lime scent, and moisture rich aloe vera complex, the JolieBebe Lip Treatment delivers instant hydration and nutrition to your dry, chapped lips.

How to use: Apply adequate amount of lip treatment on your lips whenever it feels dry.
My Thoughts:  This has shea and aloe. I will probably end up using this in winter when my lips are chapped. As of now, I won’t be using it coz I have 25+ lip balms with me. It is nothing but a treatment to soothe cracked lips. It is just like a clear lip balm.
Croquis Bulgeum Lipstick in 03 Pink Martini [Fri]
Price: Full size, 3.2 g. Value of USD 20.

Randomly selected from 01 Campari Orange, 02 Sex on the Beach, 03 Pink Martini
Product Description: With this unique lipstick, there is no need for multiple lip products anymore. Lip essence, Lipstick, lip tint, and lip gloss come together in a single lipstick, it offers a long-lasting, glossy and vivid lip color all at the same time.

How to use: Apply the lipstick on your lips.
My Thoughts: The name on the packaging is Croquis Bul Keum whereas the name that Memebox puts on the card is Bulgeum . It created a lot of confusion initially coz all I saw on opening is the clear plastic in the shape of a normal lipstick. You turn the base to dispense liquid product out of the tip. The shade is bright and the texture is creamy. What a hot pink shade! It is all in one – Lip balm, lip stick and liquid stain. It doesn’t dry lips but transfers a bit.
Cheek Room Eye Shadow in 03 Honey Pink [Mon]
Price:  Full size, 5 g. Value of USD 8.

Randomly selected from 03 Honey Pink, 08 Gold.

Product Description: Cheek Room’s Eye Shadow features soft, amazingly velvety texture, rich pastel color and long lasting and crease-free wear. It also boosts high levels of adherence and blendability for featuring the most naturally blended and non-smudging color radiance that lasts all day long.

How to use: Use an Eyeshadow brush to line blend and smudge. Use the brush to apply colour on your lids.
My Thoughts:  It’s smooth and blendable standard eye shadow. There isn’t a lot of color payoff and the pigmentation is just very high shine. It’s nice but not something that I will wear every day. I prefer wearing this on festivals or occasions. The colour is golden. Not a big fan of this but it is worth using.
Final Word: 
I must say I’m satisfied with everything I received in this box. This is one of the best boxes ever. All the products from this box are items that I use. I appreciated the brand selection and wide range in this box but I felt like skincare products were more targeted towards mature skin.I got a box full of products worth $200 !!

Coupon Codes:

Use code MOUP3N to get $5 off on any order above $ 30 valid until November 30th 2014. One use per customer.

Use code XL2GHH to get $5 off on any order above $ 30 valid until November 30th 2014. One use per customer.