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YumeTwins Subscription Box

YumeTwins Subscription Box August 2016 Unboxing !!

Hey All,

YumeTwins is a Kawaii monthly subscription box from TokyoTreat full of cute kinds of stuff like plushies, squishy, collectible keychains,  figures, stationery, and accessories.

The items come packaged in a pretty lavender colored box with kawaii illustrations. You receive 8-10 items in each box. There is only one variant at present. The contents each month are categorized under a theme. The box is based on yume kawaii culture – “a mixture of cuteness, fairytales and, a touch of darkness (yami)!” They send only fully licensed merchandise from Japanese brands.

YumeTwins Subscription Box

The theme for August 2016 was Lovable Animals. Yume Twins subscription box is priced at $19.19USD plus $6.00 for shipping totaling to $29.99 per month.

Words fail to describe how excited I am to receive and unbox Yume Twins parcel.

Let’s see what’s in the August 2016 YumeTwins box!

Neko Atsume Memo Pad:

This memo pad features cat prints. The pages  are colorful and fun. It will be a nice addition to my stationery collection.

YumeTwins Subscription Box YumeTwins Subscription Box

Pompompurin Pen:

Subscribers would have received a pen featuring Gudetama, Hello Kitty, or Pompompurin. I love Hello Kitty but I am glad that mine matches the letter set. I got the Pompompurin Variant.

YumeTwins Subscription Box

Pompompurn Letter Set:

The Pompompurin letter set that features 12 colorful letter pages, 6 envelopes, and 6 character stickers. Cute stationery !!

YumeTwins Subscription Box

Re-Ment Mare Sweets Mascot:

Mare is a Japanese TV Drama. All the charms are sweets-themed and I received the chocolate-strawberry version. Another cute goodie. The girl in Mare wants to be a pastry chef. That’s why all of the Re-Ment miniatures are cakes!

The box included a sheet with details on variants and a sour gum too.

YumeTwins Subscription Box YumeTwins Subscription Box

Gudetama Limp Mascot:

The squishy Gudetama egg is kinda awful. It’s different than how it’s pictured in the booklet It’s very dark and Gudetama floating inside is almost invisible. I love Gudetama though. It had a weird chemical smell.

YumeTwins Subscription Box

Airou and Merarou Towel:

 I received the pink version and it’s awesome. It’s not rough like other hand towels I have. That stitched kitty in the corner adds to the charming finish. This bright mini towel features the characters from Monster Hunter. According to the booklet, this can only be purchased at the Tokyo Tower or Kaminarimon in Asakusa.

YumeTwins Subscription Box

Amuse Alpacasso Plush:

The tutu plush is adorable, so soft and comes with a keychain hook.

It’s a really good quality plushie as it has many cute details. I wished for the rainbow colored variant but this one is equally good too.You can hang it anywhere or make him stands too!

YumeTwins Subscription Box YumeTwins Subscription Box

Shinada Fluffy Animal Plush:

This plush is soft, cuddly and also comes with a keychain hanger. The quality is perfect with no loose threads hanging here and there.  I got a cute teddy bear with real wooden buttons. Subscribers could have received pig, frog, bear, bunny, or lamb! I so love its neutral colors.

YumeTwins Subscription Box YumeTwins Subscription Box

The box is a value for money. Most of the items are useful. Shipping and delivery were quick. There is a beautiful booklet included with the box that provides details on places to shop, Kawaii trends, popular places to visit like Harajuku and contents of the monthly box. Yume Twins team is very friendly. You get deals and offers on signup. The box sure brings loads of happiness my way.

The Yume Twins box is authentic and interesting. They include high-end brands and characters like Sanrio, Gudetama, Bandai, Takara Tomy, Rilakkuma, Doraemon, Hello Kitty and much more!

I highly recommend this box to those who like cute collectibles and love the Japanese Kawaii pop culture. If Kawaii is your cup of tea, Buy a Yume Twins Box without fail.

YumeTwins Subscription Box YumeTwins Subscription Box

Disclosure: I received this subscription box for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are my own. The post may contain affiliate and/or referral links.