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ZenPop’s June subscription Packs!

Hello All,

Ever thought of trying some Japanese food or to use their items? Now here a chance to subscribe to ZenPop, a Japanese online shopping and proxy service company.

Their motto is to popularize their Japanese goods to all over the world, that too in an easy and affordable way. You’ll get a real taste of Japan and Japanese culture with each order.

Why to choose them?

  • They offer a full subscription service! 
  • Worldwide shipping.
  • Good quality and variety of food.
  • Choices of food based on your taste.
  • They sell Cute Japanese Stationery Packs

Let me take you through the ZenPop’s June subscription Pack.

ZenPop  Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack– A mix of noodles and snacks from Japan in every box! 2 or more bowls of noodles, and at least 6 sweets & snacks. Discover new favorites each month.


  • Mini Shoyu Wantan Men
  • Hiyashi Tanuki Udon
  • Polar Bear Soda Gummy
  • Grape Ramune Candy 
  • Cool Soda Puccho
  • Wasabi Peas
  • Country Ma’am Super Chocomint Cookies
  • BBQ Scorn Share Pack

You can sign up and subscribe to taste some of the Japanese foods and if you wish you can try it as on time purchase. They offer 4 variants:

  • Sweets: 15 Japanese snacks including candies, cookies, crackers, DIY kits and more.
  • Ramen: 7-8 Japanese instant noodle bowls with varieties like Udon, Soba, Ramen, and Yakisoba.
  • Ramen + Sweets Mix: 2 bowls of noodles PLUS 6-10 full size sweet or salty snacks.
  • Stationery: 10 or more cute and useful items like pens, notebooks, stickers, and more.

Note: Before you order, be sure you don’t you have any serious allergies. Also, their products are processed in a facility that uses egg, shrimp and Carb.

You sign up for a free ZenPop account here – https://zenpop.jp/account/signup