Sherri Jessee Pink Lady Printed Magnetic Makeup Compact Review

Sherri Jessee Compact Review !!

Hey All, I am a person who is always on the go. I travel a lot and my lifestyle is mostly busy. I am not able to carry too many products with me. Cosmetic products get scratches easily and also takes a lot of space. Sherri Jessee Magnetic Makeup Compact is for girls like me. It helps me organize my makeup with ease. Price: $24.95 | Buy Online | Ships Worldwide Product Description: Sherri created these magnetic compacts for every woman to be able to carry the...Read More

Behind Every Good Kid is a Great Dad!!

Hey All, SBI Life Insurance has recently launched a campaign on the theme of ‘Are you a Great Dad?’ The ad starts with an army man coming back from his duty and waiting eagerly outside the child’s school to receive him. The son happily rushes into his father’s arms. The father gives a piggyback to his son, before the mother interrupts to get the child ready for school. The child imitates the actions of his father’s like polishing his shoes....Read More