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Mystery box by Sploosh Design.!

Hello All, There will always be time, which we think that we require something which is better and unique than the usual kinds of stuff, I’ m that kind of girl who always thinks of having a set of unique things for my personal as well official use. Chances of getting those things which tally your taste are less than 30%. It’s purely based on how much you need that, where do search that for. Most of us have certain...Read More
BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers

BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers Review!

Hey All, I was sent an entire range of Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers by a new Indian brand called BloomsBerry. I must confess that, I always carry hand sanitizers in my bag. Especially when I am using public transport, washrooms and touching pets. With so many germs around, infection is transmitted easily and only good hygiene habits really will go a long way to keep germs and illness away. Hand Sanitizer is a must have, in order to keep most of those germs...Read More