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BTech Malayalam Movie Zee5

Issues that Malayalam movie B.Tech Addresses !

Hello All,

There are times where our voice doesn’t impact people as much as a Movie does. A movie can address some Sensitive contemporary issues in the most effective way. While a lot of movies take a raincheck on this, there are some whose central conflicts are based on the critical issues of our society. One such movie is B.Tech.

BTech Malayalam Movie Zee5

Back in May’18, B.Tech, a Malayalam movie released, which was written and directed by Mridul Nair. With Asif Ali playing the lead, the movie managed to become a Box office hit because of its amazing concept. The story revolved around some engineering students in Bangalore city and the struggle they go through in the 4 years of engineering which helps them redefine themselves. However, the biggest highlights of the movie are the two major issues it addresses.

  1. The Traumas of Engineering (especially B.tech)

B.Tech is one of the most demanding courses which either our relatives or our parents must have asked us to choose after our school days. The shocking thing is that our Country produces 25% of engineers in the World and still has the highest number of unemployed engineering graduates in the world. Most of them choose this career by force or to get a good job which is funny because according to some research only 3% of them are getting placed.

The movie spits out some bitter truths like how today’s engineering courses and colleges are exploiting students into thinking that all they need to excel in their life is an engineering certificate, that’s it. This is not just about the course, even the Engineering College and Govt. plays a huge role in this. The professors and the quality of the education are not up to the mark. The movie also smartly shows a professor who completes his course from the college and starts working as a teacher in the same college. This is to show the kind of professors you can find in these so-called best engineering college. Hope the Govt. takes the right step to avoid this in the very future. Not just this, unemployment creates many youngsters to travel to a different path, to be precise illegal activities. We cannot wholly blame them on this because we all know that it is our system that forces them to do it.

BTech Malayalam Movie Zee5

  1. Stereotyping Our Muslim Friends

Even though Islam is the second largest religion in the World, Muslims end up becoming victim to immense racism. In B.Tech, the central conflict revolves around Azaad Muhammed (Arjun Ashokan) who falls prey for a bomb blast in the city. When police find no hints that could help them lead the case, they frame Azaad just because of the fact that he is a Muslim.

Though Terrorism should not be associated with any particular religion, for some odd reason Muslims are the one who always falls prey for such stuff, not sure who is to be blamed. It can either be you or me or the way we look at things in today’s society. Even though this ideology has changed among the majority of people, there are still few ill minded people who are living under the rock and has not come into terms with the reality of today’s life.

The problem is not with them. Some of the Anti-social elements just disguise their evil deeds under the guise of Islamic philosophies. If this would have continued today, it would have been mayhem by now, and I’m so happy that it didn’t. During old times, the Hindu and Muslim used to stay together happily and used to look out for each other. But times have changed over the years and politics is the only thing that should be blamed. As I had mentioned in the starting, these things may not grab the attention if conveyed in a normal way, but it would definitely grab the attention of millions if it’s filmed and executed properly. Movies are not just for entertainment, instead, it can be used as a platform to bring a revolutionary change to today’s society. With a good mixture of Fun, Entertainment, screenplay, Background score and a good message to society, a film will not only become a Box office hit but can change the face of society.

BTech Malayalam Movie Zee5

To sum it up, B.Tech gives you an idea of how certain incidents can impact a person(s) life and how he or she can overcome it. For those who had missed the movie, I would highly recommend you watch it now on ZEE5. This is one movie you should not miss!

Good day Folks.