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Why You Should Try Canyoneering?

Hello All,

Cebu’s rich natural resources, clear waters, challenging trails, and even the proximity of its mountains and beaches to the city make the province ideal for activities involving nature, especially extreme sports.

Image Source: Pixabay

You may have seen daredevils hanging over cliffs, with waterfalls streaming past them or adventurers squeezing themselves through slots in canyons and wonder what these people are doing.

You have heard the word canyoneering getting thrown around in conversations, especially when your colleagues are talking about the ultimate way of spending their day-offs or vacation leaves in Cebu.

What Is Canyoneering?

Canyoneering is the exploring of a canyon using techniques that include climbing, swimming, rappelling, and hiking, among others. Wearing a helmet, harness and rope systems is a must in this activity, as you get to use a lot of your muscles and bend to all kinds of positions. Canyoneering is among the must-try activities when visiting Cebu’s Kawasan Falls. If you’re still coming up with the perfect Cebu tour itinerary and have included Kawasan on the list, then why not go canyoneering?

Image Source: Pixabay

This activity may sound extreme, but below are some of the reasons you should definitely give this one a try:

  • It Is The Ultimate Adventure Sport

If you are one who likes to challenge yourself, then this multi-disciplinary activity would be perfect for you. It brings you a lot of physical challenges that require strength and balance. You get to rappel, swim, rock climb, hike and even jump off a cliff on your way to descending into a canyon.

  • You Get To Practice Problem Solving Skills

Because canyons are dynamic, water levels and temperatures change even on a day to day basis. Thus, to navigate them, you have to have a strong set of problem-solving skills. However, if you have a knowledgeable guide you can depend on in the entire duration of the activity, having to worry about getting out alive would be the least of your problem.

  • It Is Great For Team Building

This activity is excellent if you want to build and improve camaraderie among colleagues. You get to use your team’s variety of individual strengths and skills to complete the activity. You help each other out, pulling each other up or out, through-holes or slopes. You get to communicate with each other well on what to do. Translate all this – all that you have learned and done with the team – into the work environment, then you could be achieving team tasks and even surpassing expectations as you each get to learn how to work together. You’d be a force to reckon with.

  • It Builds Self-Esteem

Why opt for basic hiking if canyoneering provides more thrill and even help in character building? Having tested your survival skills and being able to make it through such an extreme activity will bring you renewed strength and trust in your own capabilities. Also, canyoneering will be a perfect activity to do after you check out Cebu whale shark watching.

  • Pushes You To Be Healthy

You have to be in good health to be able to go through this activity. Thus, you would do what is necessary to keep yourself healthy to ensure that you continue to partake in such extreme activity that you enjoy so much.

Canyoneering is definitely a must-try!