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Here is an activity-filled Goa itinerary for the winter – Self Drive Adventure

Hello All,

Winter is a perfect time to head over to the coast. With lower temperatures, there is more time for activities during the day and nothing could offer more than a Goa trip. Avid travellers like to just rent a car and head out with trusted road trip buddies. Here are some of the highlights of what should be a rejuvenating escapade.

The Bangalore to Goa Route

The road trip to Goa is an engaging journey into the lush western coast. The total distance is around 550kms and there are many interesting stops for those who want to soak in some of the enroute attractions. Chitradurga is known for its hill fort and ancient ruins. One can take a detour and visit the charming Ranibennur Blackbuck Sanctuary to catch a glimpse of these amazing antelopes.

Netravali Waterfall Trek

When in Goa, one needs to head inland to see the hidden facets of this beautiful state. The Netravali Waterfall Trek is recommended because it is not very long and still packs a lot. Highlights of this route include some rocky formations where one can try out his or her climbing skills (under supervision of course!). The visual highlights of this trip are the numerous waterfalls in the forest especially the Savri waterfalls hidden deep in the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.

Scuba in Grand Island

The shores of Goa are known for the parties but there is more to discover for those who want to take the plunge into the waters. Some of India’s best diving spots are here and Grand Island is a recommended place for scuba enthusiasts (and those getting into it for the first time). Discover the myriad colors of the shallow seabeds and move around the clear waters surrounded by fish and other delightful marine creatures. Scuba diving is a unique experience and must be on the activity list for a complete Goa experience.

Dolphins in Sinquerim

Sighting dolphins is a heartwarming experience. These intelligent sea-dwelling mammals roam in schools off the coast of Goa and can be seen close to the Sinquerim Beach, sometimes coming up to their human observers. After a short boat ride into the deeper waters, one just needs to sit back and observe the waves ready for a surprise peek any time. An early morning start is recommended so one can also view a magnificent sunrise. Other dolphin-friendly spots are Palolem Beach and Cavelossim Beach.

Why Self Drive?

Road trips are best when carried on the traveler’s own terms. Nowadays, informed travellers who do not want to compromise on privacy and travel experience would choose a self driven car in Bangalore (rentals) over chauffeured or public transport. The extra space is a boon and they have total control over the pace of the journey. With app-based Zoomcar, registered users can confirm a car in seconds. They have a choice of the latest hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs – depending on their requirement. 24/7 on-road support adds an extra security assurance which is especially useful for longer trips.

Have a safe ride folks!