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Menara vs Petronas!

Hello All,

Two towers adorn Malaysia Skyline and both the towers are popular amongst the tourists. One is Petronas Twin Towers and Other One is KL MENARA Tower.

For those debating KL Menara Tower vs Petronas Twin Towers, here is a quick recap of pros and cons.

You can visit both provided you have money and time. If you are constrained of either money or time and you can afford to visit only one, you can go through my comparision pointers in this post below to help you decide which one to go for.

1. Advance booking is not required for KL Menara Tower. You can buy tickets on the spot and enter. Petronas has limited slots and advance booking is necessary. You have to reach Petronas 30 to 40 minutes before your alloted slot to be in time.

2. KL tower Menara is way more organized than Petronas. I found staffs throughout the way at KL Menara helping and guiding us properly. At Petronas, we were misguided to the ticket counter inspite of having a e-ticket. We stood in queue, wasting time and got delayed. Entry was denied and staff at the ticket counter qas rude.Then we had to request a senior officer for entry which was not guaranteed. In our case, yes the official helped and permitted the late entry.

3. Entry to Petronas is more expensive than KL Menara.

KL Menara – Price of ticket is 99RM for Sky Deck and 49 RM for observation deck. Online booking is available with packages as well for entire tower access.

Petronas Twin Towers – 80 MYR + booking fee. No refund, no slot change allowed.

4. KL menara has a sky box. Petronas doesnt have that facility but the views are almost similar. At KL Menara, you can enjoy open views from Sky Deck. At Petronas, views are through glass. Both the towers have observation decks and souvenir shops.

5. KL Menara offers 360 degree view whereas Petronas give close to 300 degree (approximately) view from bridge and top most floor level 83. There are 86 levels but 3 of them are closed due to maintenance. One interesting fact is that the sky bridge at level 41 and 42 are not attached to the building and can slide in and out. This protects the building from damage.

6. KL Menara is easily accessible. Petronas Entrance is confusing. To get inside Petronas skyscrapers, You have to drive or get dropped to entrance of Suria KLCC Mall. Unless someone tells you exactly where the entrance to Petronas is, you will be left wandering. Please note that Petronas Tower’s entrance is inside the mall! Go to downstairs using escalators. Exit is near Ampang Entrance.

8. Petronas Twin Towers are more popular and photogenic than KL Menara.

7. KL tower Menara has lot of restaurants – Atmosphere 360 rotating restaurant, Moghul Mahal Indian Restaurant etc
Petronas doesnt have a separate restuarant but the twin towers are located right above Suria KLCC Mall, where you can find many kinds of eateries.

9. Petronas Twin Towers are an iconic landmark. There are not much alternatives to it. There are many towers across the world like KL Menara. You can anyways enjoy free view of Petronas from outside. Petronas Towers are mostly occupied by offices of various companies. KL Menara is set up for telecommunications.

10. You can stay in KL Menara as long as you wish. Petronas allows visitors only for 20 to 30 minutes.

11. KL Tower Height – 421 meters
Visitors can go upto 276 meters
Petronas Twin Towers Height – 452 meters
Visitors can go upto 300 meters
KL Tower Timing – 9am to 10pm
Petronas Twin Tower Timing – 9am to 8 pm

12. Online Links –

KL Menara – https://www.menarakl.com.my/

Petronas Twin Towers – https://www.petronastwintowers.com.my/en