Re-entry to the Green Valley of Thailand – Kanchanaburi!

Kanchanaburi Attractions

Hello All,

After the initial visit to Thailand, I always had a feeling of going back there.  So, when we thought of escaping from summer, I never had to think twice in fixing in location. Kanchanaburi, which is a small town west to Thailand.

This place would be idle for the ones who need a break from this summer, it’s a small town covered with greens and the main attraction of Kanchanaburi is River Kwai and it’s the best spot for travelers. Also, it’s located on the edge of Mountain range and it keeps the town much cooler than the rest of Thailand.

So in this post, I will share how to reach Kanchanaburi, attractions at Kanchanaburi and activities to do at Kanchanaburi.

Before we start, let me quickly remind you to check my previous posts regarding the Thailand preparations, to get better clarification.

Here we go.!

We have booked our tickets a couple of weeks before our trip; it was a 3-day short break from summer.

So, whoever planning to visit Thailand, I would say this is the best time, as they have waived off the Visa’s for Indians and other few nations list as well, even when we visited last time in April, we had utilized the Visa Exemption.

So, once you have booked the tickets, make sure you pack less to enjoy the more comfortable level of vacation. Note: there are 2 main Airports in Thailand, Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang Airport, we have arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport and stood around 1hour in Visa on Arrival queue. The process was very fast. And the queue was moving really fast, we quickly ran to the Visa on Arrival post to avoid waiting, last time we have moved slowly and we had luggage and it took more than 2-3hrs to get the Visa on Arrival.  Below are the documents you will have to carry for the easy process:

  • Fully filled Visa on Arrival form
  • Passport is not less than 6-month-old.
  • Bank statement to show that you can take care of yourselves in Thailand.
  • Insurance (Not Mandatory, but a personal suggestion, if in case of any loss, medical or other unforeseen events).
  • Hotel booking confirmation.

Keep all the above docs handy, and handover to the Immigration officer. They will seal and give you back in less than 20minutes.

Kanchanaburi Attractions

Now you are free to land to Thailand, so as instructed in the previous post, you can either depend on “Grab Taxi” service to reach Kanchanaburi, it is purely based on your financial plan and comfort level. Check out the below options for a better understanding:

  • (I prefer) Grab Taxi – It will cost you around 1500-2000THB and the travel time (we started our trip early morning, around 3.00AM) would be less than 3hrs. This could be the most comfortable way to travel, just click and book and the driver will reach to pick you up in 5minutes.
  • If you think it’s costly and has a limited budget, you are free to use their private bus (they have both Ac and Non Ac) and it should less than 150THB per person and the travel time is 3-4hrs. You will be getting a bus from the Southern Bus terminal- Mo-Chit Bus station.  
  • If bus travel makes you sick you can opt for Mini-Van service, it costs the same and moves really fast, but before you try this make sure you have minimal luggage as it’s a minivan and has less space to keep heavy bags. 14 passengers at a time and it’s a non-stop service till Kanchanaburi Bus station.
  • Travel – this could be a good journey, but have a major drawback, their timing, only 2 trains go there and it can be late for an hour or more and it’s a usual thing there.  

Our travel was very comfortable and as we are so tired, we slept off as soon as we boarded the cab.

Kanchanaburi Attractions

Very few tourists prefer to travel to Kanchanaburi, as it’s a small town and less to do partying and all, but it will be heaven for the ones who prefer to do something adventurous. Moreover, the local people of Thailand visit there on weekends to enjoy their holidays. Below are the few attractions of Kanchanaburi which will make the visit worth:

Kanchanaburi Attractions
  • Erawan Waterfall – It’s the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand and each step of Erawan has different names. The 1st one you will step on is Hlai Keun Lung and it’s very easy to reach there, the main thing you will notice is there is that is a lot of fish and will keep swim around your legs.  The next one you step on will be Wung Macha which will be mostly busy will swimmers and you can see and wonderful cave under the waterfall.  It will go on till the 7 tiers and it will be a super walk to this dense forest. It offers mall cascades and ponds surrounded by rock formations and dense vegetation. They charge 400THB per person at the entrance. You can carry some water (don’t throw the empty bottles within the falls), snacks and mosquito repellent. It opens at 7 am and closes at 4.30pm. So you can plan it accordingly, but it will be great if you plan it in the early morning. We did not visit Erawan this time because we wanted to spend our time at X2 Resort.
Kanchanaburi Attractions
  • River Kwai Bridge – Situated in the border of Myanmar and it was constructed by Japan during WW2. It’s a meter-gauge railway line from Ban Pong, Thailand to Thanbyuzayat, Burma.  It runs over 250miles and now it’s known as Death Railways. As many of the workers have lost their lives during the construction one life was down for each sleeper. Their bodies were buried in Kanchanaburi War Cemetery which is another main attraction of Kanchanaburi. Forces bombed the bridge in 1944 and 3sections were destroyed, the original parts are stored in the War Museum and that is open to tourists as well. A small tourist train runs back and forth across the bridge. You can see a few temples near the bridge and there are some boating guys below the river who offer boat rides to tourists. You can try them if you are interested.
Kanchanaburi Attractions

A Trip to Thailand is never complete without taking a day trip to the historic town of Kanchanaburi. The town has a plethora of diverse attractions. The iconic bridge on River Kwai adorns this place. 

Kanchanaburi Attractions

Here are the top attractions in Kanchanaburi :

  • Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua Yanasampanno also is known as Tiger Temple
  • Various War Cemetery & War Museum
  • Floating Market
  • Erawan National Park
  • Wat Tham Phu Wa Temple
  • Wat Tham Sua
  • Wat Tham Mongkon Thong
  • Hell Fire Pass (Thai Burma Railway)
  • Sai Yok Yai Waterfall
  • Ban Kao National Museum
  • Prasat Muang Singh National Park
  • Huay Mae Khamin Waterfalls
  • Khuean Srinagarindra National Park
  • Tham Phra That Caves
  • Kaeng Lawa Cave
  • Pha Tad Waterfall
  • Shinto Park Lad Ya
  • Elephants World 
  • Safari Park
  • Hindad Hot Spring 
  • Other Wat Temples
  • Chung-Kai War Cemetery
Kanchanaburi Attractions

Other than the above 2, you can enjoy the local Thai food at the night market – JJ market. You can depend on 7 eleven margins free shop, wherein you can some snacks or drinks, including liquor, Beer and wine as well. It’s very affordable and you will get it cheap there, as most of the resorts charge double inside for the local beers. So it’s better to purchase it from there any carry to your resort.

I hope this article helps you in planning your visit to Kanchanaburi; you can also read out my upcoming article, which will help you fix the right resort for your stay on this island.

So till then stay tuned! Do feel free to check out my other posts on hotels and activities in Thailand here.