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Sri Lanka Travelogue – Day 3 – Bentota

Hello All,

Morning hangover… New day… Started with a coffee and Buffet at my hotel. Soon after breakfast we checked out the hotel and left to Bentota. After long roadways trips, we need a break to calm and relax our body and soul with a natural treat.

It’s approximately 1980-190kms which took around 5hrs to reach this resort town in Sri Lanka.  Travel was quite good, not much traffic and it was too sunny.

Bentota Bentota

We entered Bentota and checked into our Hotel, Marina Bentota. Bentota is justly an icon of peace, quietness, and freshness.  You can find an array of supreme hotels, services, and comforts for the foreign tourists; Bentota delivers the perfect scene for stretched holidays by the beach. Moreover, for the fans of water sports, Bentota, in addition to its unspoiled honor fringed coastlines, brings in more desires which cannot be found anywhere else.

Our guide left for the day changing duty to a different driver as he had some family emergency. After bidding a bye to him, we moved to our room. Took a shower and changed our costume to swimming dress and left to the beach which is just opposite to our resort.

Bentota Bentota Bentota

We were so excited and had a walk through this gorgeous beach called Ventura beach. It was less crowded and can find few tourists taking a sunbath. We started capturing these moments in our Camera. Later kept our Camera in the sands and jumped into the sea. It was simply amazing, clean and clear water. Time just flew, it was getting darker and the waves become harder. We left the beach and went back to our room and took a hot shower.


We got down in an hour to get something to eat/drink, and that was the saddest part, we cannot find any bars and restaurants nearby this area, But I appreciate this as it is the most refreshing and relaxing site.  We headed towards our resort; behind our resort, we had the stunning Bentota River. Tourists usually take 1-2hours of boating. It will be closed by 5.30pm and we couldn’t go for boating. It was informed by the hotel staff that the water sports starts by morning 8.00am. In fact, our resort guys are famous for water sports and helicopter rides (LSR Watersports)

Bentota Bentota Bentota Bentota Bentota Bentota Bentota

Our day us Bentota was short due to a long drive and couldn’t spend much time. We planned our schedule for tomorrow and after buffet from our resort and couple of pegs we slept off dreaming our next day’s water rides..!

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