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Sri Lanka Travelogue – Day 4 – Colombo

Hello All,

Yes, our Final day at Lanka arrived..!

We wanted to explore the last day in Lanka with a lot of adventures, water sports, and shopping. In fact, we had two plans for the day; one is to engage in beach activities at Bentota and drive back to explore the Capital city of Lanka, i.e. Colombo.

Ventura beach was our 1st spot and it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka where the river meets the sea. We were lucky enough to witness the Sunset last day and luckier to witness the sunrise as well being a nature lover I was pleased.

Colombo Colombo

We came across a helicopter Base for tourists & we planned to take a helicopter ride over Bentota, it was modestly marvelous, the pilot performed some stunts, which we loved it. It’s a pleasant view over the sea and the ride was for 20-30mins.  You can extend it according to your time schedule as we had other plans for the day we finished it pretty soon. We contacted our Resort as they have their own Water Sports center, LSR Water Sports for Speedboat rides.

They offer speedboat rides for a cheaper rate and the condition of the boats was good. Their chargers for 20mins boating was $30/person. It was really worth; the staffs were friendly and knowledgeable.


After the watersports, we took our camera and went for a walk on the beach and found something which is very interesting, Sri Lankan cultural dance @ the beach sands. There were a cameraman and his assistant and they were shooting the dance for their TV Channel which we enquired later. We sat on the sands and watched their show. We grabbed some information from them and got to know that it was “Uda Rata Natum”, Kandyan dance. This dance was established during the sovereignty of Kandyan kings. Now, the Kandyan dancing is the nationwide dance of Sri Lanka. , it depicts the iconic acts of Ramayana tales. The Kandyan dancer’s costumes include skirt-like outfits in which their chest is ornamented with special gray regalia and spectacular hat. They also wear grey bracelets on the arms and ankles. The cultural show with fire dance takes place at Kandy every day but we missed it that day as we reached later than 6 pm. The cultural performance in Kandy is open till 5.30 pm. I am glad that we witnessed the same at the beach.


We shot the visuals on our Camera and continued walking, there were many foreign tourists enjoying natural beauty. And the kids were making a sand castle on the beach which was lovely to watch. After a few spins, our new driver gave us a ring that he is about to reach our resort to pick up us. So we got back to the resort and changed our costumes and packed our luggage and got into the car and left to the Capital city.


It was around 2.30hrs of a drive to the main city of Sri Lanka and compared to other cities Colombo is very much developed. We felt like we were in the USA, because of their amazing maintenances and tall buildings and parks an all. After reaching Colombo, where we get the best Seafood, we had our Lunch from a Top class seafood restaurant. They had a wide range of seafood menu.


Colombo Colombo

After lunch we went to Gangaramaya Temple, which is run by one of Sri Lanka’s more administratively proficient monks, Galboda Gnanissara Thera, this active temple compound has a public library, a gallery and a strangely extensive collection of ornamented and golden gifts offered by followers and well-wishers over the ages. They had a collection of Old model luxurious cars which were used by the Rulers. Also, the holy tree inside the Temple complex and devotees were reciting their prayers around the Holy Tree. After capturing a few pics of the complex we visited another temple which is in the center of the city above the Colombo Lake. We took the entry tickets (300LNR/person) and moved forward. Similar to other temples we could see many Buddha statues inside the temple and a Golden statue of Buddha as well. As it’s in the center of the lake there were many ducks and other species of cross ducks. We couldn’t capture many pics as our Cam went out of power.


After spending some time in the temple we got back to the car and our driver showed us a Hindu Temple, as the temple wasn’t open at that time we managed to take few clips and moved on and had a chance to see Asia’s biggest tower, Lotus tower which was under its final touch. It’s located in Slave Island and is about 350m, tall and 24m taller than Eiffel Tower. It’s said that they have broadcastings equipment’s and an assortment of visitor’s magnetism, plus a surveillance deck at the uppermost and a cafeteria at the base. Sri Lanka is having other Multi Megaprojects including their Colombo Port City under construction, which is financed by China. Sri Lanka is building a $15 billion metropolis meant to develop like Singapore and this International Financial City is expected to become their special financial zone. Most probably Lanka will be one of the super nations like Hong Kong and Dubai in the coming years.

Colombo Colombo

We then moved to another spot called Independence Memorial Hall. It’s a memorial building to Sri Lanka’s 1948 independence from Britain; this huge stone construction is roughly based on Kandy’s Audience Hall. And there happens the flag hosting on their Independence Day. Close to the Hall, there is Huge Park which is well maintained, where there were a lot of tourists and locals who used to come here for walking, exercise and playing games with their kids and some yoga practices as well.

It was getting darker, and our driver has to depart us as started raining. But he managed us to show some other major attractions in Colombo which includes, President’s House, Colombo Port City, World Trade Center, and Pettah Floating Market. We couldn’t stop at these locations due to rains. And our driver suggested us to take us back to the Airport, we agreed as the Airport was 20kms away from Colombo city.

While taking us back, we stopped at Galle Face Green, a seaside street food center. We went for a short walk through the sands and captured the sights in our eyes. Many small food centers across the seaside which supplies mainly seafood dishes. We brought ice creams and melted ourselves in this amazing beauty of the city drove towards the airport. The roadways of Airport is simply amazing, it was properly managed by the Govt. authorities. In 30mins of time, we reached the airport, after shaking hands to our fantastic guide we checked in to the Airport.

Our bad, a messaged received our phone stating our flights were delayed for an hour due to bad weather. .:( And we had to spend time by visiting some duty paid shop for getting some items for our friends and relations.


I am not sure how do I conclude our 4days visit to Sri Lanka. The trip itself it was wonderful and we had some great involvements and a few bad incidents. In fact, our trip to Lanka was not much well planned due to our work schedule. If we had more time we would have included some more enhanced locations like Nuwara Eliya.

Though we don’t know much about this nation and took it as it came, still it would have been more comforting to know which places we must have stayed longer in instead of moving towards new places.

We left with few regrets for not seeing more of central Sri Lanka and places like Adam’s Peak, Ravana Palace, Galle, Nuwara Eliya, and many Water Falls. But, I had to convince myself and made up my mind if I go back there these will be in my Hitlist.

Thank you, Lanka, for giving me such an immense pleasure and relaxation.. Will miss you and leaving to come back to you soon..!