Travel marker from awesome maps!

Hello All,

Whenever you feel like you are lost or feel you need a change in your daily routine, we often prefer to travel, it can be anywhere, and not limited to a specific location.

I (we) travel frequently, and proud to say that I am a globetrotter including abroad, according to me a short or long journey gives me self-confidence and it levels me up.  I have learned many things after my 1st International visit and that has helped me a lot in planning my other national and international trips in a much cost-effective and safe manner.  

Why do I Love to Travel?

  • I like to know the history of cities and know about their constructions.
  • It expands my contacts and being an influencer, that gives me a strong connection with people and it helps me in improving my social side.
  • Most importantly, as I have a hectic work schedule, short trips give me a mental relaxation.
  • Realizing my power, yes, I tend to realize what I can do and what I am capable of.
  • On a short side, I can quit my habits, for me I am a Coffee addict, and my travels make me less addicted to it and now it’s not so needed for me to have Coffee to start off my day with.
  • We are all 1st-time experience lovers, so I feel thrilled and I become a child.

Now, you guys tell me, if you’re a travel lover, what do you think is the most important thing / useful thing which gives you motivation or plans your next trip? You all may have different items/gadgets in your mind, but let me just open up something which just made my travel plan easier.

Awesome Maps

They have founded in 2010 and they have helped people live me to plan our trips and they set to see the whole world from a different perspective.  They have all kinds if Maps, which includes

  • Travel Maps.
  • Activity Maps.
  • Minimalist Maps.
  • DIY Maps.
  • Kids Maps.
  • Scratch Maps.
  • High-end premium maps.

The one which helped me is the “Map Of Love” which is a part of Travel Maps.

Map of Love

This gives an idea of planning where to visit the next place and it helps me to mark the places which we have already visited.  Being a married girl, I am blessed to have a partner who loves to explore new places, more than me and this could be the best gifting idea for couples. They use uncoated acid-free food grade art paper which has a size of 70×50 cm (27.6″ x 19.7″). The Gloss finish on country outlines is nice and they use ecological colors.

They have a ton of stickers to document all the awesome milestones in your relationship as well as for planning new trips. I suggest you laminate the Map and in such a way you can use it as home décor as well.

The map comes in a cylinder type protector, so you guys don’t have to worry about the damages occurring while transiting. The maps will be completely safe.

A quite impressive right, Yep, Now let me ask you, don’t you think that this awesome map is can be of great help to you, or in another way to gift to someone is a travel freak?

Drop your comments and check them out to get your loves Map!