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Fashion Necklaces Haul Ft Confusion Fa Accessories !!

Hey pretties,

It is that time of year again. Summer has started, vacation time is getting closer and the time of festival is near! Look cool, yet stylish with affordable mesmerizing and Beautiful Fashion jewellery from Confusion Fa. Fashion is about color and how you combine it in your look with clothes and jewellery. As for accessories, I’m definitely not a fan of colourful ones, but I went crazy seeing the traditional pieces having a sleek modern touch with colored necklaces, bracelets, brooches etc.

I never used to like traditional jewellery until I found Confusion Fa. I was more of a tom boy feeling comfortable with my jean, shoes, scarves, sunglasses and leather bracelet. I wear Kurtis to office these days with Confusion Fa jewellery and I am happy that the brand has helped me to discover my love for feminine accessories.

Confusion Fa is one of the premier fashion jewellery stores online. It is Holi and Women’s day and I treated myself with these gorgeous Confusion Fa accessories. I am in love with their simple and statement fashion necklaces with an equal modern and traditional touch. I got two neckpieces and I am going to feature them in this post.


Necklace haul From Confusion FA:

CFA presents wired flower neckpiece N-797

Confusion FA’s wired flower neckpiece with blue opaque stones matches the season’s trends! Confusion FA’s fusion neckpiece can be teamed with simple clothes to glam up the look! Can be worn with traditional as well as modern attire!! .


This neckpiece is priced at Rs. 1,650. This statement necklace looks chic on its own or layered with multiple necklaces. It is indeed a whimsical necklace with a beautiful pendant. The turquoise stone is unbelievable as it is clear and beautiful. It is very rare to find such a master piece. The color is aqua blue – a perfect combination of white pearls and golden detailing looks very pretty! Fantasy is a must with this necklace. You will get easily carried away by its looks.


Both the necklaces are medium long length wise and the length can be adjusted.


CFA’S presents gold rings

I am unable to find this piece in the website. I guess it might be out of stock. You can find similar designs for Rs. 1,050 to 1,950. Featured above is a simple daily wear neckpiece. It’s a lightweight chain which has gold rings! Perfect for busy schedules!! Just put it on and leave as it’s a very neutral neckpiece. Can be matched with all clothes! Can be worn to work, or for a simple lunch or simple night out as well!! Match it or clash with any outfit!! Look good to feel good!! Perfect gifting option as well. Surprise your friend with this gorgeous necklace today! Exciting, distinctive, and unusual designs are a celebration just like this particular neckpiece.


My Take on Confusion Fa:

To be honest each and every piece of jewellery I saw on the Confusion Fa website is a piece of art. I am simply awestruck looking at such a beautiful collection of designer jewellery. I specially loved their collection of bracelets, anklets, earrings etc. made using genuine pearls paired with some of the most exquisitely crafted silver and gold-plated gems and designs you can lay your hands on. And most importantly they have made sure, that the prices are affordable to your pockets. I really loved their designer jewellery collection, and would suggest you do visit them at least once. They are currently running sales full of beautiful and on-trend accessories. The accessories suit you even for glam parties and weddings.


What more, each item comes wrapped in a cute pouch bag, so it’s a ready to give gift! Confusion Fa accessories present a combination of materials forged into one piece of jewellery. It is extremely difficult to combine these different materials but Confusion Fa has done an excellent work. Its Women’s day today and I take this opportunity to appreciate Chaiti Jangla and Minal Jangla, the wonderful ladies behind this brand.

Every woman loves a new piece of jewellery and these pieces with attractive pendants are so beautiful. They come in different colours like the rainbow and they are the simple yet beautiful. I think I am in love with these pieces.

If you need an outfit boost, look no further than CFA’s statement necklaces, anklets, brooches and more … Get the accessory looks you love at the prices you want by visiting http://www.confusionfa.com/

Confusion FA offers a lifetime repair and service warranty on all necklaces!! Each piece is very special and is completely handmade and therefore unique like the woman who wears it!

 P.S: The above neckpieces were gifted by the Brand and my views are 100% honest.