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Mama Earth Skincare Products !

Hey Beauties,

Mama Earth is yet another brand which is mum-baby friendly, toxin-free and meets international standards. Mama Earth India products are completely safe and certified toxin free. For those of us, who don’t like to compromise on the quality, MamaEarth products are great. I was sent two of these special products and I would like to share my honest thoughts on these.

  1. Mama Earth C3 Face Mask
  2. Mama Earth Epsom Salt


Mama Earth Epsom Bath Salt for Relaxation and Pain Relief: Rs 399 for 200g – Epsom Salt i.e, Magnesium Sulphate is known for its therapeutic benefits.  Epsom salt bath relieves sore aching muscles and body pains. The product is best suitable for expecting mothers and one can use it even post-delivery. I use it as a foot soak. It helps with my aching tired feet. Epsom Soak can cleanse pores, flush out toxins, and detoxify the skin. It really helps me to relax my mind. Mama Earth products contain natural flower extracts for fragrance. The lavender aroma is a stress buster. This is how I unwind my day.

For a relaxing bath soak – Add Tablespoons of Epsom Salt to a bathtub filled with warm water. Soak for 10 minutes. You can use it to cure backaches too.

Relieving tired feet – Soak tired, aching feet in a tub filled with warm water. Add a handful of Epsom Salt to this bucket. Soak for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Mamaearth Mamaearth

Mama Earth C3 Face Mask is one of the best selling products. I love activated charcoal and caffeine based products. Mama Earth C3 Face Mask contains 3C formula base – Coffee, Charcoal and Clay. Everything that my skin loves in particular 😀

The mask is a mix of 3C loaded with minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium to stimulate blood circulation. It contains AloeVera which is very effective in reducing pigmentation. Use this product and you can see the pimples, spots, open pores and other skin concerns fading away!  It improves skin’s elasticity and leaves a flawless glow.

Mamaearth Mamaearth

Mama Earth Products are clinically tested in Europe, Hypoallergenic, and Fragrance-free. Mama Earth is Asia’s first MadeSafe brand, with no parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances etc. MamaEarth ’s product pricing seems to be reasonable though costlier compared to regular baby care products. Honestly, I am in awe after using the products and seeing the results. I can swear by these Mama Earth products. The tub packaging is spill-proof, which makes it travel-friendly too.

Mama Earth offers a range of baby products too including body lotion, shampoo, anti-rash cream, body wash, massage oil and sunscreen lotion.

I am really glad I got to try Mama Earth and will highly recommend the MamaEarth products to my friends and family. Just try the products and you yourselves will feel you made the right choice !!

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