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Wedding Dress Trends 2016 ft Cocomelody !!

Hey All,


Bridal Season is on. Wedding Fashion has fast forwarded to next season this 2016. Here are some noteworthy trends sure to turn heads all over the world.

Illusion Panels – wedding dresses with netting on the back. The see through panel makes your skin visible. Most illusion panels come with embellished beadings and buttons.

3D Effects – Silk or satin tulle dresses with luxurious prints of landscape,  florals and butterflies creates a dreamy, magical or whimsical effect. I love these kind of special effect dresses.

Blush Undertones – Dresses with a hint of light pink is popular for spring. Choose dresses with a wash of pretty pastels or watercolors. It is a great non-white option.


Lace Wedding Dresses – No one wants to look like a doily or table cloth. Instead of whole dress in lace, brides prefer dresses with partial lace touch. Nice patterns are loved by everyone. Laces can make your dress feel special .

Low Back Wedding Dresses – There is nothing amazing than a cute gown with a sexy low back. Give your guests something beautiful to look at when you turn your back ! Keep the design simple but dont forget to create a wow so good factor.

Strapless Dresses – Strapless Dresses can be glamorous. Just make sure you choose the right neckline. It suits most brides irrespective of whether one is tall or short. Dont opt for it if you are uncomfortable with the tight cut. Looking elegant without showing too much clevage or leg is the key.  It is not suitable to wear for long time as one might me scared that the top part will fall apart. But still, Strapless Gowns are always high on demand.

Backless Dress – You can make a stylish statement to your wedding day look with a gorgeous backless gown.You may disagree that going backless is not appropriate on wedding day, especially when you are getting hitched to one person for the rest of your life. If done in a subtle manner, this look will be sophisticated than sexy.

Other popular trends remain like cut-outs,  peekaboo, flirty feathers and plunging neckline. What are your favourite trends. Cocomelody is my favourite online dress shopping destination.


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