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Landy Bridal

Vintage Wedding Dress Shopping ft Landy Bridal !!

Hey All,

Staying beautiful is the dream of every bride on her wedding day. The aim is to look unique too. When you buy a dress off the rack, there are chances that a few people might have the same dress as yours. That is why you should consider a Vintage Wedding Dress. The Vintage Era spans from 1920’s to 70’s.

Vintage Gowns are popular in today’s wedding industry. Nothing can beat the charm and elegance of vintage dresses.

Vintage Wedding Dresses can recapture the magic of gone by days and port you to that mystical era. Here are some tips on Vintage Wedding Dresses:

Your Vintage Dress should match and complement the theme of your wedding.

Your Vintage Wedding Dress will be similar to those gowns worn by your mother, grandma or mother-in-law and hence it reflects on your family tradition and adds a personal connect factor. Vintage Dress will always represent your style, personality and the tone of wedding.

The golden rule for Vintage Dresses is to always buy bigger. This is because over time size, shape and fit can change. It is difficult to find a dress with perfect measurements. As a result, you can do some alterations and tweaks. Know your body measurements well.

Dont forget that Vintage Dresses require special cleaning and maintenance. This can add up to your expenses. Vintage Wedding Dresses feature exquisite details, embellishments and craftsmanship.

Do you love that Classic Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses worn by Audrey Hepburn? Lookout for Vintage Inspired Dresses that are reproduction pieces if you are a modern lady.

Vintage Dresses are made of special fabrics and are not like modern ones. It is very hard to patch or repair it. It is good to avoid dresses with rips or stains. Fabrics can weaken, deteriorate or stretch with the passage of time. Dont buy very old dresses. Pay attention to your clothes while you shop. Exhibit care.

Try different shops like local vintage store, thrift stores, boutiques or antique store. Even online portals like Landy Bridal carry a good stock of wedding dresses . Take a note of the Returns Policy.

Explore your vintage dress in the daylight so that you can see the exact texture and shade without any yellowish hues.

Mix old with new. Dont be afraid to mix and match.

Don’t forget accessories like brooches, necklaces, headpiece and earrings to make your look extra pleasant.

Get ready to shop your dream vintage wedding dress! Good Luck to find your favourite piece!

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