Swiss Movements from Leroux Blanc!

Hey Folks,

“Switzerland”, what reminds you when you hear Switzerland? Based on individuals taste and interests your answers will be different, as it’s the hometown of delicious Swiss chocolates, scenic Swiss Alps and of course the hometown of horology (the art of making clocks and watches.).

Now, have you ever thought why there is so much demand for Switzerland watches and how it’s too costly?

Yes, let me explain it in a simple way!

What’s a Swiss Watch?

“Swiss made” that’s a term used to mention one of the world’s best crafted and reliable products. In other words, a watch can be tagged under Swiss-made only if it meets certain parameters.

  • Its movements should be origin to Switzerland (movement means the mechanics behind the watchkeeping time).
  • All the parts are derived from Switzerland.
  • It passes the QC from Switzerland.

Hope I made it simple to you, now the next, how do we identify Swiss watches? For that, the Federation of Swiss Watch Industry has made few markings,

  • The “Swiss Made” logo on the dial, it can be found at the 6 o clock position and engraved in Clear capital letters. Words are split between 6 o’clock positions.
  • Apart from “Swiss Made” labeled watches, other watches either have a “Swiss Movement” or “Swiss Parts” labeled on the watch.

Though these can be easily duplicated, it cannot be duplicated when checked by a trained eye.

It can be costly because of the abovesaid reasons, not just costly, more costly. Because, it’s long-lasting, never loses its value, it gives a Brand value and having the best masterpiece on your wrist. Not everyone can afford a Swiss watch, so I am here to help you find an affordable Swiss watch. Yes, you heard it right. Surprised, excited?

Leroux Blanc

Lerouxblanc is a Swiss watch (Based in Zurich) that cartels Swiss Made excellence with affordable elegance. This is an exclusive watch that anyone can afford.

It’s made of superior movements and gives us extreme beauty and style.


It’s a Bold and simple this timepiece Simplon is an eye-catcher that enhances every outfit. Like a true gentleman, he knows how to handle casual, elegant or even crazy companions very well.


  • Black Color (available in Brown as well)
  • Housing color silver.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Chronographic model.
  • Made of Stainless steel.
  • Swiss quartz movements.
  • Date function included.
  • Waterproof (up to 100meters).

They have 18 Watch models exclusively for both Men and Women and Unisex. They offer free worldwide shipping and they are contributing to a better environment by allowing us to send them a used/not proper condition watches for reuse or recycled. They accept used watches from all over the world and as a vote of appreciation they give the sender 10Swiss dollars.

I love their Manifesto and I would like to share the glimpses of that to you all.

“Anyone who wears a Leroux blanc on their wrist is also the bearer of a philosophy that not only limits the quality of a watch to function and aesthetics but also encompasses its creation process. Because at Lerouxblanc, we dedicate ourselves to the commandment of “Swiss Made” in a way that is highly traditional but lost in many places: Anyone who contributes his part to a Leroux blanc should be able to benefit fairly from our entrepreneurial actions. In addition to the pure earning for bread, values ​​such as honesty, sustainability, and enthusiasm are also involved. A Lerouxblanc should not only delight the owner, but also those who make sure they find their way around the wrist. Our watches symbolize that it is time for sustainable business relationships”

Check out their modest and elegant Watch collection here.