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Sentries from Ochrons!

Hello All,

Why are watches important to us? It is essential for keeping a track of the stint during the day or the night. Wrist watches should be the most vital devices for humans.

There are many watch brands that own the market. I could just blindly say that a new brand is introduced each month. As predictable Swiss watches got the most demand. The only reason for their upward demand is for their better quality and they use metal gears and they are made by hand and can be serviced, to keep it simple it made for an entire lifetime.

Let’s now come to the point, as I mentioned earlier, selecting the right Watch/Brand have become a big headache. Because of the wide variety and models and it becomes more difficult when we add the Brand value to it.  We could see may expensive and overpriced Watches in the market, so finding something which matches our taste, style and attire are challenging.

I think now must be eager to know which Brand I would be suggesting you guys, It must be familiar to the ones who are keen on their preferences, It’s from Ochrons – a Digi Leather watch, which provides stylish, luxurious and minimalistic Watches based on your interest.

Here we go, they provides Men’s, Women’s and Unisex watches, let me just quickly go through their features and their features:

DIGI Leather Watch BLACK/WHITE from Ochrons

It’s a Japan Quartz Movement Simple Waterproof Nylon Leather watch, which is Unisex.


  1. Japan Quartz Movement Simple.
  2. They don’t have the second movement
  3. High-density case
  4. Unisex
  5. Good quality leather
  6. 3Bar water resistance.

It’s a thin watch but as I feel it’s more durable and they Brand gives a 24month warranty. Though it’s a simple watch, its eye catchy which goes well with both traditional and western outfits.  It got a waterproof crown, you just have to press it closely after adjusting the time to activate the water-resistant mode. :p

I always prefer Minimalist Watches for some reasons, maybe I love to keep my things simple and the best. Minimalism is a chic of intention which by meaning infers that some definite design is needed. Minimalism as a design code is about the struggle of shedding something down to its vital elements.  Such elements produce pure and effective depictions of concepts and themes. 

Check out their website or Instagram to check out their latest collection and more offers.