Dottedi Funky Band Aids !!
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Dottedi Funky Band Aids !!

Dottedi Funky Band Aids !!

Hello All,

Gifting can be tricky and is time-consuming for many including me. Bangalore-based gifting portal Dottedi offers many innovative gifting solutions. Gifting was never so easy until I explored Dottedi. WithDotttedi, we will never be guilty of regifting. You can personalize gifts, add a gift wrap or greeting messages.

Select from a range of mobile toys, custom bandages, bags, tins, swaddles, piñatas and more! Visit Dottedi web store to order now !!

I reviewed Modern Day Recovery – Hangover Kit and Spa Bucket Hamper. Today, I am reviewing Dottedi Funky Bandaids.

DSCN9606 Dottedi Funky Band Aids !!

Dottedi brings you funky, fun and colorful Band-Aids in a keepsake tin. The tins read “Put a plaster on it*..”

There are 25 adhesive bandages in one tin. There are two variants – orange and green.

  • Pack of 24 Bandaid
  • Super Prop for Hospital party, Doctor nurse theme
  • It’s all quirky these days: then why leave the medical industry behind
  • Bandages are safe to use
  • DOTTEDi is an experiential gifting and service company that helps you buy personalized products for your loved ones.
These bandages are basic and single use. These can be used to heal slight cuts. Be it a kitty scratch, an emotional wound or just about not wanting to tell your partner by saying, ” you don’t want to know”, these self-adhesive plasters make u smirk and bring a smile on one’s face. Grab your plaster today. These funky band aids make great gifts for all occasions.

These are super cute and are a  nice addition to my first aid box. It’s like any other band-aid.

Dottedi Funky Band Aids !!

These bandages too have medicated pad at the center of a self-adhesive backing substrate. These are rectangular and can be used in providing first aid to tiny injuries, minor cuts, and bruises, exudates absorption.

It will come off when repeatedly wet but these are fun, stays for a pretty long time. These are very colorful and safe to use.  The quality of the bandage is good.

Dottedi funky bandaids are priced at Rs 480 per tin.

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