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Environment-Friendly Shopping from Vvegano!

Hello All,

Have you ever thought of an online platform that works not for their profit, but for the environment? Yes, you heard that right. It’s Vvegano, a Mumbai, India based online store which sells only the environmentally positive products which we need for our daily use.

It’s an umbrella for the sellers with a similar theme and that would make them pretty unique. Unlike other online stores, they don’t just fill their store with unidentified sellers, all the sellers who sell through Vvegano are verified and those products are purely organic and environment-friendly.

Their catalog contains products for Men, Women, Kids, Accessories, Food items and Personal care items.

One thing which I have noticed while surfing their site is that each and every product they sell has complete information about the product. It’s not limited to the size/price, but wholesome information about all the ingredients and a lot of information about the seller who sells the particular product.

I was in fact surprised to see that, they have mentioned each and every minute information that as a customer we look for before making any purchase from a new online store. And I must honestly say that they have exceeded my expectations.

And what I have noticed is that all their products are Vegan and are plastic-free products. Also, they make sure that their seller does follow this and their by-products are biodegradable leaving no harm to our planet.

I have purchased 2 products from Vvegano, SIGNATURE HANDMADE SOAP GIFT BOX and NATURAL HANDMADE BODY WASH 1000 ML.

SIGNATURE HANDMADE SOAP GIFTBOX is a product sold by Pratha, means traditions. It’s purely organic and handmade.  This Gift pack contains 5 Soaps:

  • Anti-Aging Raspberry Soap
  • waves with Mint soap
  • Asian Glory Soap
  • Sea waves with Lime soap
  • Jasmine Love Soap

Each of these soaps has specific uses. Like, one is for anti-aging, other for acne treatment, for skin glowing, tan removal and scar removal.  I must say that their packing is so nice and the smell as well.


This Body wash is made by Mountain Herbs. I have previously used Mountain Herbs and they have a unique style of making their products. It’s a chemical-free wash and they include all their ingredients in the back of their product. Their body wash can refresh our skin and is toxin-free. This contains over 20 herbs and plant extracts like Coconut oil, Rice bran oil, Castor oil, Palm oil, water, Salt, Cocamidopropyl betaine , Vegetable glycerin, herbal extract mix which are edible and are used for Ayurveda medicines. 

Being living in this century, there exist some companies which are socially committed to working towards the environment safety and that’s highly appreciable and their outstanding products will take away my 5*.

Don’t forget to check Vvegano for some of the best environment positive and skin friendly &, organic products.