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How to find a Perfect wedding photographer?

 Hello Beauties,

Congratulations if you just got engaged! Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. There is no relationship as charming as a good marriage. Your wedding day is the big day in your life and unfortunately it happens only once in a life time. Fortunately, you can preserve those fun beautiful memories if you hire a professional wedding photographer.

Unlike other elements in your wedding like food, music and flowers which can seen, heard and tasted, photography is different and based on facts. This is why wedding photography should be in your priority list as well.

A simple image can speak thousand words and take you back to that happiest day. Many photographers book their schedules well in advance so the first thing you should do is to start looking for a wedding photographer once you’ve set the date. While there is no secret formula to hire the best photographer, you can wade through different resources before you find the right fit.

Make use of your network and take recommendations from friends and family and ask your married friends if you can peruse their photo albums. Browse through Facebook pages and professional websites for sample work, blog reviews and client testimonials. Narrow down the options you have using various criteria like budget to find the perfect photographer.


You can make use of the services provided by Fokal. Fokal is India’s only platform for hiring Creative Lifestyle Service Providers across all genres and categories! They respect your privacy as the user can decide on later which service providers could contact them. Also you are assured there won’t be any spam calls.

Fokal gives you an opportunity to create a beautiful online portfolio in matter of few minutes and one can manage their online personal branding effectively. Fokal has listings of many photographers in their portal and you can get the best deals and hire from the best of many options available. There are over 200 photographers to choose from! Fokal.in offers you free quotes via email. You can also flip through the beautiful portfolios of photographers to know about their work.


At present Fokal helps you with hundreds of portfolios of verified service providers on their platform. They have a presence across some forty plus cities. Fokal enables users to directly contact the service providers or share their requirements with them to get multiple quotations and as promised. They intend to add more categories and service providers like interior designers, architects, make-up artists, performing artists etc. to expand their network in near future.

Fokal is a discovery platform but the difference is that Fokal’s analytical engine gives its users ‘smart’ recommendations as per their requirements and preferences. If you are searching for a professional wedding photographer, look no further because you just have to share your requirement at Fokal.in.


There are three important basic factors to consider while hiring a wedding photographer namely personality, the photographer’s style, and cost.

A photographer alone is not solely responsible for the outcome of wedding shoot images. The performances increase if the bride and groom cooperate well. Making fullest use of the time requested by the photographer will improve his creative side.

When it comes to wedding photography, the styles are unlimited. There are a bunch of styles ranging from fun selfies, vintage romance, flirty head shots to quirky humour and a trashed dress.

During the olden days, wedding photography was limited to posing with the family, relatives and friends. You hope that your hairstyle, dress, makeup and smile wouldn’t look too ridiculous on the final album. With the boom of the wedding industry, today this trend has changed. Wedding photography backdrop is a way for brides and grooms to express their personalities and culture with endless possibilities.

Brides and Grooms who wish to document their proposal so that the breath taking moment can be cherished later by the couple opt for proposal shoots. This is a growing trend in this industry. Another trend observed is having a pre-wedding photo shoot. This setup can improve your wedding pictures as you will feel comfortable before the camera and try to get to know your photographer. The photographer will also get to know the subject well.


Wedding Photographers offers you a series of helpful ideas & advice on making your wedding photography the best it can be. Wedding photography is not just capturing the moments but also organising, printing and creating the albums. It must showcase your own personal attitude, efficiency in your services and professionalism. No doubt Wedding photography is hard work but when done right, it is lot of fun and rewarding for both parties. Candid Wedding Photography is becoming popular these days. It is all about capturing those candid wedding moments that happen instantly. For shooting such moments, the photographer has to be focussed and ready. These moments happen very quickly, and don’t last for long, so one has to be prepared for it.