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Influencer.in ReviewX

Influencer.in Review !!

Hello All,

Influencer marketing platforms are an ideal way to connect brands with bloggers and social media influencers. Many Indian platforms are wiggling its way into the digital space.

Influencer.in is the best platform I have worked with so far. I came across influencer.in while checking for different ways to monetize my blog. It is a Chennai based company and is a product of Social Beat.

Popular brands like Craftsvilla, Bewakoof, Viber, City Bank have collaborated with this platform for blogger outreach across different categories including Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty, and Technology. They have a network of 10000+ influencers across various categories.

As a Blogger, you can get started in a just click.  They are indeed a trusted platform. You do not need to have a blog in order to register with them. You can register with them as a Social Media Influencer as well.

Influencer.in helps brands to choose influencers in line with their objective. Brands can then strategize their content through these influencers and track its reach. We all know that good content can help a brand increase its visibility. Influencers who have a great reach in terms of their followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube can encash on their engagement.

The campaigns are usually segmented as per niche like Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Technology, & Auto. For instance, Tech Bloggers are invited to review gadgets while Beauty Bloggers can apply for beauty related campaigns

In my early days of Blogging, I used to connect with PR agencies who used to then connect us with the marketing heads of various brands but with platforms like influencer.in; the whole process is seamless, unbiased and open. Also, there is a great opportunity for all influencers like me to encash upon the popularity of our blogs and social media reach.

As a Blogger, we can browse through campaigns and sign up for free to work with premium brands on influencer.in The registration involves inputting details like Blog URL, Social Media Channels, email id, etc. Don’t forget to fill up your bank details. I suggest you keep your profile up-to-date so that your ranking will improve on influencer. This also ensures you get the right price for your blog article.

It is first of its kind initiative in India to bridge the gap between brands and influencers. Influencer also has an exclusive App for its bloggers and content creators who can sign up via their App. The App is handy, minimizes our efforts and also allows working on the go.  One can download the app on Google Play Store or App Store

Influencer.in Review

Influencer.in ReviewX

Well, influencer.in adds a detailed description of all the campaigns.  They mention details like city, last date to apply, budget quote, expected output, etc. You can easily apply for the currently active campaigns that you are interested in and eligible for. Not only that, as an influencer you can mention your desired compensation for promoting the products or services of the brands. The website is quite user-friendly, and I could navigate across different menu heads smoothly. The platform also has options to review and update your profile. In the main menu, you can check the status of the campaigns you have applied for and edit details.

Once you apply for the campaign, you immediately get notified about your application and the further steps.  Once the brand shortlists your blog for the campaign, the process of submission of your post and analytics is fairly easy. They have a friendly team who are ready to help us always.

Influencer.in not only helps you get a monetary benefit for the work done but also increases the knowledge regarding latest or upcoming retail launches.

I have worked with influencer.in for campaigns like Giskaa and Casa Grande among the others. I have received timely payments without any follow up after submission of invoice. The entire process is well streamlined at influencer.in

I have not had any issues so far, and I really love working with influencer.in