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Lets talk #ShopQuikr : Sell for more and Buy for less the new way !!

Hey Pals,
You might be wondering what is this unusual title. I assure you that you read it right. Today I will be talking about #ShopQuikr with which you can sell for more and buy for less in a new way. Wondering how?? Then you have come to the right place.I got selected for the Blogadda campaign in association with Quikr. Instead of feeling proud and jumping with joy, I was a bit skeptical and my mind was full of confusions. I wondered what if Quikr was playing a cheat game. Then my friend suggested I should take some risk and experience this service of the website so that you get to know what is the real truth. I quickly made use of this opportunity.
I am sure many of you might be aware of Quikr and most of you would have seen ads of it. For those who dont know what Quikr is I am here to give a smart introduction.
What is Quikr?

Quikr is a website where you list your used or unused things. Potential buyers contact you and you finalize the deal at your comfort or vice versa. In other words Quikr operates as a community classifieds website with a peer to peer market place.
The term classifieds usually reminds me of those dull boring black and white text in newspapers or other print media which contains nothing useful.However Quikr is unique, different and classifieds with a twist. You can meet,trade,share, discuss ideas and even find new friends. Quikr is popular in more than 900 cities. Quikr deals in areas like real estate, cars, bikes, household goods, electronics etc.
Quikr is a platform to buy, rent or sell.  It is a perfect matchmaker between the two parties involved.There are over 12 categories with about 140 sub categories that Quikr offers.
Is there lot of unused stuff in your house lying waste? There are so many things like old books,cosmetics,gadgets forgotten. Sell it and get money. Are you looking for an apartment to rent or Imagine that your new red car you bought last year doesn’t fit inside your garage. All you need to do is to click Quikr to encash your stuff. The best part is that you can make new friends while doing so.
Quikr also offers premium ads starting as low as Rs 20 in two categories – “Top of the Page” and “Urgent”.You raise your ad for easy sale.
What can you do with Quikr:

If you are a buyer you can search through extensive catalogs, request purchase and once the seller confirms, you can schedule your pickup,payment and delivery. Finalizing the deal offline would be a good option than online coz there are chances that the represented products might be different from the actual one and there are less chances of fraud.
If you are a seller, You load a photo, specify the price, location and other details. You can sell and replace your old times with something snazzier.
You can keep a fixed price or a negotiable price like auctions.

How Quikr Works?

A happy go lucky buyer checks your sale items, falls in love with the stuff shown, gets in touch with you for the details, discuss the terms and details, pays you and owns your product.
Why Quikr?

It gives you a great opportunity to start your business. It addresses your needs, wants and desires. You can clear up some space and earn some profit. You can find your dream deal that doesn’t cost you a bomb. You are not left with a hole in your pocket.
Quikr provides you with new and useful experience. Sometimes, the seller happen to be your neighbors whom you are not aware of and you can maintain a perfect relationship.
There is abundant choice of categories and enormous number of users. There are special offers region wise. The impressions, clicks and views ie the attention that your ad gets is high. The user responses are satisfactory. Getting yourself acquainted with Quikr is only a click away. The website is user friendly, fast loading, easy to access. The layout is not so cool or attractive but everything is organized and readable. There is variety in ads. It is like an online exhibition of items. The interface is pleasant There is that ease of navigation. The entire process is quick and hassle free.
  • Register on the site and log in.
  • Choose your city.
  • Go to the category>sub category> Items
  • If you are a seller upload your ad.
  • If you are a buyer — Apply filters. Use the search bar. This way you will get what you want and you wont have to waste time.Click on deals to view details. Reply to the ads and contact via phone. Your replies get replied and you act by fixing up the deal after meeting and finalizing everything.
  • Registering is not mandatory but do so if you would like to stay updated.
  • Quikr has an online version and also a mobile app.All the items are not used, there are many new items for sale too.A few ads were genuine, pro and appealing while a few looked fraudulent and fake.

My experience:

I wanted a Canon Powershot 2300 D  digital camera. Its a decent camera to shoot on a sunny day and for occasions. It was OOS everywhere even in Flipkart. A few others sites had it for sale but it wasn’t trust worthy.
I tried Quikr. I searched for the listing after registering and choosing my city ( Coimbatore). I logged into http://coimbatore.quikr.com/ after completing the registration form. I chose the category Electronics and Appliances  and then searched for listings in the sub categories Camera Accessories  and  Camera-DigiCams. I wanted to find a female seller for it. I didn’t want to create problems by meeting any male sellers to be very frank. I found a few ladies.
I replied to their ads one by one. Some of them had clear details and images.I got a few replies back instantly. I asked this lady called Shalini to meet me near my office when I called her on phone. Her location was Sai Baba Colony and I asked her to meet me at Lakshmi Mills on 28th this month. I met her. I checked the camera. I tested the functionalities. I asked her some questions. I bargained with her and fixed the deal for Rs 5000. I purchased the digital camera.

I asked her why are you selling ? She told me that her native is Coimbatore and She is studying Journalism in Bangalore. She wanted a advanced level DSLR and hence selling this Digi cam. The reason was genuine.
I asked her about the condition of the item? She told me that it was used not more than three to four times and it was almost new. She had the box and all the accessories packed in it. The camera was around 6 months old but it looked neat. The camera was silver colour. She had the invoice and warranty card too.

I asked her to Can you reduce the priceShe told me that she can go down till 5000 only. She had listed it for 5600. I told her that the same new camera costs around 5400 only now a days but why are quoting high. She told me with the proof that she purchased it for 6600 and she had also purchased two years extra warranty. The product was almost new and had everything. It worked well too. Since I will get reimbursed, I asked her to fix the deal at 5000 for which she agreed. It also had the box and all the accessories along with a free 4 GB Memory Card.

I asked her why QuikrShe told me that she had given an ad in the local newspaper and also she had listed it on few other sites but she hardly got any valid responses and a few buyers who had contacted was not willing to pay this much. She saw the Quikr ad in Vijay TV and then used that option. She was so happy that Quikr worked for her.

Overall Thoughts:

I got my questions answered directly without any third party hindrance. I also got a touch and feel of the product. I had to pay only after delivery. There was no fraud or hardships at all. I never expected Quikr to be this fast and efficient. I am highly impressed.
The scrap sale industry is surprisingly big and no doubt Quikr is an e commerce giant in this area. Quikr is trust worthy and budget friendly. You can find some unique deals like I did.I was able to find an item that was OOS everywhere. If your favourite item is discontinued, there are chances you will find it in Quikr.
Do you have a one year old mobile with a small crack and you want to offload it? I urge you to spend 5 min on this #ShopQuikr. What is waste and doesn’t make sense to you might be valued by others.
Its free to begin with !!  Have you had luck selling items online? What is your take on Quikr?
No Fikar ! Shop Quikr !

This post is a part of Quikr.com activity at BlogAdda.com ! Thank you BLOGADDA and QUIKR for the ” Free Shopping Fiesta Campaign”.