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Women Kurti

Online Shopping for Women !!

Hello All,

Online shopping is here to stay. It is popular with both the genders for all kinds of reasons. For some it is convenience and for others, it is a discount. For a few more, online shopping is about access to a wider and inexhaustible range. However, it is interesting to note that online shopping for women is on a rise compared to that of the shopping trends of men. If you are concluding that the most popular item shopped in online shopping for women is women kurti, you are wrong.

India is home to an approximate 100 million women with smartphones. It is estimated that a 40% of this population shops online through phones. This is a significant number of online shopping for women trends. There is the chunk of women shoppers who shop through laptops and desktops as well. Wondering what women shop apart forms women’s kurti? A whole range of things – cosmetics, fashion accessories, electronics, home appliances, furniture and so on.

Clothing and fashion accessories are a definite topper of the online shopping for women list. The reason, it saves time, effort and money too. Deals you get online are a steal compared to shopping in retail units even during the time of festival sale and stock clearance sale.

A friend of mine bought a kurta from a reputed brand in a retail store during a flat 50% sale. She was quite happy to get a designer outfit for such a price. Imagine her plight when she realized that the same thing was available for a lesser price on the same retailer’s app. This is not a one-off case. This is almost a trend. App-based purchases promote heavy discounts and early bird offers. Some of them also do a special launch or a new launch pricing method. Regular customers can bank on all these deals. It is practically a wardrobe overhaul at less than half price.

It is estimated that women shoppers preferring online shopping method will reach a staggering 150 million by the end of 2020. This is just in India. If the percentage of women shoppers opting for online shopping across the globe is considered, it’s a huge number. The best part about online shopping is it drops all the borders and barriers. What is accessible to an American teenager is available for an Indian working professional.

Online shopping for women also offers a lot of comfort to a shopper when it’s about returns and refunds of a product. This is one of the most important reasons for women in metros. Owing to the lifestyle in metros, shopping by itself is a time-intensive activity. If someone were to invest double that time to return a product, it is just not practical. Some brands do not even offer returns once the product is tried and purchased from their physical store.

With more and more women joining the workforce, the trends for online shopping for women will only see an upward trend. People moving around on a purpose continue their shopping on the move.