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Stay Away from Youtellme.com !!

Dear Friends, Readers & Co-Bloggers,

I just wanted to share a Worst PR incident with you by Youtellme.com

Let me warn you, reject the offer if this brand contacts you. The PR of the Brand, Youtellme.com, Mr. Aadesh Raje contacted me on April 18th for an article. I am placing the screenshots below. I quoted a price and they were bargaining to reduce the price. The price per article was not big but decent and I agreed. He mentioned that many bloggers are contacted in his mail which is the reason why I am writing this post. They are never going to pay you.

I never write any hate posts to defame a Brand but now onwards I have decided  to expose the negative ones so that others dont get cheated.

They were imposing a deadline on the same day/next day they gave the topic. I sat at night and finished the work. After 20 days, the PR says Brand is busy shifting their office, put you on hold etc etc I didn’t get any update. Finally they messaged saying my article is rejected by the client.

There were no reasons quoted by them. Brands like this Youtellme.com take bloggers for granted and most of them want to get free work done from us. It was them who contacted in first place and I wonder why do they disturb bloggers when they have no funds.

It is not a matter of 1000 Rs. I do have a full time job with a good salary and I know many of you have too. It was mentioned that payment will be made on approval by client. It was not mentioned that payment will not be made. If the client didn’t approve, changes have to made in the post and the payment should have been made.

Did you see the 13th point in the mail. Do not undertake this work if you are unreliable. Crap! The Brand itself is unreliable. Who will pay for my efforts and time? Dont you think this is unfair?

The article is submitted and how do I know if the client is using it without my knowledge. They make you wait for long. I just let them know that they can keep the payment for themselves and asked them if they can work for free. I have told them that I will send them INR 1200 to write about my blog. I just posted the article I wrote for them on my blog.

I am happy that I didn’t work with this client because they wanted do follow links for mere 1K and that too permanent which I just read. I came to know that where ever you are compensated, you are supposed to give only a no follow link according to Google Terms and Conditions. Google will penalize you otherwise because it is equal to link selling by you and such an activity is unnatural.

It is your wish but I would like to tell you that stay away from such cheap brands like Youtellme.com, never work for free and always take 50% advance payment. Hereafter, I will be taking advance payment too. Kindly share the negative experiences so that other bloggers won’t get cheated later.