Hi Friends,


I am Iswarya, 26 years young. I am a big makeup,beauty,fashion related addict and a shopaholic.Once upon a time in September 2012, I decided to start my own blog after indulging and drooling over various makeup and beauty blogs.I wanted to write about everything girly and named my blog ” I Am Girly Blog” with a small group of people following and enjoying what I write. I own this small space over the internet and I am so happy with my blog. I spend most of my time checking out things I can’t afford, buying beauty products, subscription boxes, playing with makeup etc

I write about the things I liked, the things I’d purchased & other opinions and my adventures on products in general. I blog about all cute things that are girly.

I am a graduate in visual communication. I hail from the God’s own country Kerala. Being a media student, I am passionate about blogging!

Skin Colour Fair
Skin Type Sensitive + Combination
Hair Colour Dark Chocolate Brown
Hair Type Wavy, Dry
Current Location  Chennai
Home Town Palakkad (Kerala)
My Obsessions Cosmetics, beautiful places, interior decorations, bags, shoes, dresses, designing, typography, and cute stuffs
I Am Girly Focuses on giving up-to-date information about the products, websites, online shopping, makeup tutorials, fashion & Styling, Tips and tricks, DIY, New launches. In short, the blog is all about girly things The write ups contains various products & Services I tried, which I liked, which I purchased, other opinions and my adventures in general. The blog also contains cute stuffs which are girly. Many Thanks to everyone who takes the time out to comment and show great interest in what I write here. Here are some of my guest posts on other blogs.


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